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EU Alumni Movers, Makers & Shakers: Rodrigo Crespo

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EU Alumni Movers, Makers & Shakers: Rodrigo Crespo
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The EU Movers, Makers & Shakers series highlights successful alumni who are either excelling in their field, moving on to further studies or creating their own business. This week’s Mover, Maker & Shaker is Rodrigo Crespo.

Originally from Honduras, Rodrigo Crespo flew to Germany to begin his educational journey with EU Munich. He started with the Business Bridging Program. This foundation program is for aspiring university students, equipping them with the necessary tools and skills to succeed in an undergraduate program.

The Business Bridging Program helped me develop my presentation skills, gave me a basic background in economics and prepared me for my bachelor’s degree.

From there, Crespo completed the EU BBA, a program that covers all aspects of business and business administration.

Finally, the EU MBA solidified Crespo’s interest in entrepreneurship. Ultimately leading him to his current role as CMO and co-founder of Bitshares Munich.

Crespo met his Bitshares co-founders in a Facebook group for expats in Munich. After chatting online, they decided to meet in person and immediately clicked. Crespo accredits his time at EU a big factor in winning the role:

They needed a co-founder and a person with a lot of connections worldwide. Those connections would not have been possible if I hadn’t studied at EU.


Bitshares Munich

Bitshares Munich is a startup focused on digital currency and has even been featured in Forbes.

The value of Bitshares is tied to digital currency. The point of difference for Bitshares, as a digital currency, is that it allows vendors to accept digital currencies at no extra cost, with no linked names or accounts in their local currency and no transfer fees.

Backers of Bitshares Munich threw in more than 600,000 USD to kickstart the company, exceeding everybody’s expectations. Since the creation of the startup, Crespo has hired nine EU Business School alumni. A testament to Crespo’s time with us, in which he describes as a “unique place with great relationships between lecturers and students.”

For current EU students looking to enter the world of entrepreneurship, Crespo doesn’t sugar coat it:

The entrepreneurial world is stiff. There is a lot of competition out there! But the most important thing is to stay positive and be persistent. Always look ahead, not just in the past. And never forget the people who helped you!

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