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EU Alumni: Eli Bordun

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Eli Bordun is a risk-taker. The EU alumnus, who studied an MBA in International Business at EU Geneva from 2014 to 2015, knows the importance of self-belief and ambition. He tells us about how EU helped shape his business philosophy, how his international experience has benefitted him and why blockchain is the future.

Imaginative teaching

Studying at EU opened my mind to a new way of thinking. The professors were great. They are more than just professors – they run their own businesses, they have experience and they share this with the students. I think they truly embody the teacher of the future. They don’t just read from a script. You get the knowledge sure, but also so much more. This kind of teaching is a better way to learn and you develop all sorts of skills. It’s not just about IQ in this game. For me, EQ – emotional intelligence – is what makes people successful.

Business ambition

My uncle always inspired me to think big. His influence was part of the reason I decided to study an MBA at EU. After I graduated, I went to Florida to develop my abilities in a different environment. I took the chance to develop what I’d learned, to hustle and experience something new. I made some good connections, restructured marketing channels and increased revenue during my eight months in Florida. After six months I returned to Ukraine with new ideas and a fresh perspective of business.

Team building

Later, I worked for Bpm’online, an innovative process-driven, cloud-based software company in London. I started as a Business Development Manager and progressed to Sales Team Leader. This gave me the opportunity to optimize the work process and really have an impact on my team, mentoring them to improve performance and get results. The importance of team cohesion and morale should not be underestimated. As I said, to be a leader you must have a high EQ and really understand your team.

Into the unknown

Forget about that comfort zone! For me, I never wanted to stay there. If I could say anything to a person who was considering studying outside of their own country, I would say DO IT! It’s all about your journey. You’ll never regret taking this kind of chance. And once you go the hard way, everything gets easier.

I took this kind of thinking with me into my career. I work for Ambisafe, the ‘BMW’ of blockchain companies. Some people may say that this is a risky industry, and I accept that. But look, I’m 24. I can take this kind of risk. When you are young you have plenty of time to take a risk in something you believe in.

And I DO believe in blockchain. It’s growing every year. It’s great to be a part of this constant growth and every day I will bring my values and energy to make sure my clients are happy.

As my uncle told me, you have to really care about what you do. And show people that you really mean it!

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