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EU Alumnus Jack Zhang, Co-Founder, Leadertao; Senior Consultant, Leadership & Management Training, Huawei Consultant

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Jack Zhang, a Chinese national, works as a Senior Consultant at Huawei and has founded his own consulting company, Leadertao. Jack graduated from his MBA in International Business in 2015 and Doctor of Business Administration in 2018 at EU Business School.

We caught up with Jack to find out how his time at EU has impacted his career.

I’m from Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province, which is south of Beijing, and where I live now. I have also lived in Egypt, Mexico and Panama.

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Jack Zhang, front, center right with staff members

As all EU students learn, a strong network is what will get you the farthest in life. Jack understands that lesson well because he runs his own consulting firm with a group of colleagues and friends. Jack is a specialist in training and consulting for new managers and other professionals. He specializes in leadership and management; he also looks at optimization and entrepreneurial ventures. Jack has worked for many major multinationals throughout his extensive career. These include Siemens, a German company; Ericsson, a Swedish company; and Huawei, a Chinese company. Today, he helps multiple clients develop their businesses and take them to the next level.

When it comes to what most companies need, Jack says all businesses share certain commonalities.

When discussing leadership, companies don’t realize that they may have clear strategies and plans but, without proper execution, these plans never become real. It is important to have good leadership that makes that path clear to employees. As people, we need to have purpose; for companies, it’s similar. A company might have its purpose, but, if it’s not perceived by its employees, projects don’t come through.

Jack earned both his MBA and DBA at EU Business School, and credits the programs for complementing his practical experience with theoretical knowledge that has allowed him to have a multi-level understanding of business. He developed a systematic way of thinking; he expanded his perspective on corporate purpose; and learned to take culture into account considering it to be one of the most valuable aspects of a company. It is also important to consider not only that a strategy is executed but the way in which it is implemented. Jack believes this knowledge of how management works is what sets him apart in his field.

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