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EU Alumnus Prince Duah Prempeh, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, TravelClick an AMADEUS Company

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Prince Duah Prempeh is Senior Digital Marketing Manager at TravelClick an AMADEUS Company. Originally from Accra in Ghana, he now lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. Alongside English and Spanish, Prince speaks two local languages from Ghana: Twi and Ewe. Prince studied an MBA in E-Business in 2011 at EU Business School. We caught up with him to find out about what it means to be a digital marketing manager.

I’m a digital marketing expert. This consists of online marketing and looking for different ways to improve visibility for e-commerce websites. In my department, we ask questions like, “How do we drive qualified traffic to the site taking into account the various traffic acquisition channels?” and, “What’s the best way given the tools available to drive traffic to these sites?” 

After this, we measure performance and goals. In this regard, we provide analytics and insights into what happens on the website. This analysis gives us an accurate, detailed view of our traffic as well as how it is impacting our client’s business in terms of conversion and revenue. 

Our preferred tool for analyzing data on websites is Google Analytics. This is a web analytics tool to help businesses, webmasters and other professionals to analyze website traffic and obtain a deeper understanding of their web-users, which is crucial for decision-making. 

So, whenever we build a new site for our clients, we must ensure the website is visible in Google’s search engine. We believe that roughly 50% of the traffic that comes to a website should be organic. We need to focus on how we can optimize the website for maximum visibility on search engines to ensure traffic. 

We usually attract traffic to the site, but sometimes we also use paid media, like PPC or display to drive traffic to our clients’ sites. Whenever we start running campaigns, we can measure how much traffic we are getting from our ads and initiatives. We analyze the amount and type of traffic that comes through. With this information, we generate monthly reports which allow us to set our next business goals and objectives as well as new projects and targets. 

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