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The world is changing and EU Business School is ready. We’re excited to see life returning to the vibrant cities we call home: Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux and Munich. We’ve made a few adjustments to ensure our community is safe, happy and able to make the most of student life and learning when they are back on campus. And we refuse to compromise the quality of the EU experience.  

Read on to find out more about life on campus at EU Business School. 

The Safest Campus Cities 

Across our campus cities, life once again fills the streets.  

In Barcelona, students and locals are enjoying the sun and sea. Restaurants, bars and beachside chiringuitos are open, and theatres, galleries and museums are welcoming visitors. Music and lively conversation fill the warm evening air. 

In Geneva and Montreux, people are freely going about their daily lives, shopping and dining outdoors. Around the glittering lake, beaches are buzzing with people swimming and relaxing on the sand. And in Munich, restaurants and parks are once again full of clusters of friends and their bicycles, basking in the beautiful summer weather.   

Furthermore, Switzerland and Germany have been named the safest countries in the world. There’s nowhere better to study than these bustling European hubs of culture and business.  

Safety First 

So you can embrace campus life confident and carefree, we’ve introduced new safety measures to protect the health of our community.  

Antibacterial gel dispensers have been placed at entrances and throughout our campus buildings; it’s mandatory to use the gel when entering and leaving the building, as well as before class and during breaks. Students are also encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water throughout the day. Temperature checks will be carried out at campus entrances and it will be required to wear a mask on campus at all times. We have reduced class sizes to ensure safe distances are kept. Some common areas will be closed, and group work will be conducted online. Safety screens have also been installed for additional protection. 

These rules apply to everyone on campus, including staff and students. We will continue to ensure measures are updated and in line with guidelines and recommendations from governments and advisory bodies. We wish to ensure that you enjoy and make the most of your time at EU in safe environment. 

For more detailed information about the measures we have introduced, visit our website.  

Flexibility for your Future 

Flexibility and adaptability are key business skills that have become increasingly pertinent over the past few months. We’ve applied these principles for an innovative learning experience, and so you don’t have to put your future on hold.  

We’ve introduced several course start dates in the fall and offer students the opportunity to combine on-campus and online course study. Anyone unable to travel can begin online and transfer to the campus of their choice later.  

When necessary, courses will combine on-campus classes in small groups where safe distance can be maintained, with online study that makes the most of digital tools and platforms to enhance academic experience. This approach will take the best of the on-campus and digital learning worlds to forge an education that will help shape your future success.   

Supporting our Community to Succeed 

During the past few months EU Business School has kept our community connected.  

Through our series of exclusive Learning From Leaders conferences, held virtually, students, alumni and guests have had access to some of the most brilliant business minds worldwide, including savior of the Swiss watch industry Jean-Claude Biver, Co-Founder of Starbucks and self-confessed Mr. Startup Zev Siegl, and Country Director of Google, Luxembourg and Belgium, Thierry Geerts. They’ve continued to discover insights and advice for building careers and enterprises that’ll thrive in the shifting global economy.

Students at EU have always had an experiential, interactive experience with the chance to learn from leaders and experts across industry. A series of Crafting Your Future webinars continued our guest speaker sessions online so that wherever they were, students could access the same high-quality education. 

EU’s alumni network of 27,000 top professionals are based around the world. Through a dynamic series of virtual conversations, we brought them together to distil actionable advice for leaders to successfully navigate crises.  

At EU Business School, we believe that a pragmatic, hands-on education prepares our students for success on the world stage. And learning is a lifelong experience, which is why we continue to connect alumni to have meaningful conversations and forge valuable connections. Being able to speak to industry leaders, entrepreneurs and consultants offers invaluable insight from the real-world of business. We weren’t going to let the crisis stop us from providing that experience.  

Our community is spread around the world so we will continue to offer engaging online events as well as in-person experiences.  

EU is ready!

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