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EU to Welcome Students for Orientation

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Welcome to EU!

It’s already that time again, a new academic year is almost upon us! At the end of this month, students will make their way to EU campuses from all corners of the globe to attend Orientation Week. EU faculty and staff would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new students.

Students across the board will receive welcomes and presentations from the admissions, career services and the academic departments. Students will also be privy to informative sessions on obtaining their resident permits and searching for accommodation.

Orientation is also a time for the students to get to know the city through our scheduled city tours, mix with their classmates through team-building activities and get to know the place where they will be spending the next few semesters or terms.

The start of a new chapter

Assistant dean at EU Barcelona, Isabel Salvat, has a few words of wisdom for new students:

Being a new student in a new city and meeting new people from different cultures is exciting. A new world of experience is open to you – make the most of it!

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