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Alumni Share Reflections And Advice For New Students

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You are a new student, starting one of the most important chapters of your life. You’ve worked hard to get this far, and you are ready to take the first steps toward your professional career.

Our staff, faculty and alumni are here to welcome you to your new EU family and would love to share some words of encouragement. Who better to do it than those who have been in the exact same position?

We asked our alumni how EU has helped them on their career paths and what advice they would give to new students. Find out what they had to say below.

About how EU was a key step in their career:

EU got me into Columbia University for my master’s degree and ever since then, I have been able to build my career path in ways I never thought possible.

Noëlle Demole, Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, 2017
Founder & CEO at Shere Khan Youth Protection and AML Compliance Officer-Associate Manager at Julius Baer

I couldn’t be more grateful for the help I received from the careers department. I had the opportunity to go to another city to start an internship, which ultimately led to me getting a work visa in Spain.

Hector Perez, MBA, 2015
Zone Manager at Ford Motor Company

It gave me the ability to walk into a boardroom as a female in a male-dominated world, to feel confident in my knowledge and to be able to back myself up without people looking at me like the little blonde girl without substance.

Marilet Branders, MBA, 2016
Customer Success Manager at BlueSky

My overall MBA experience helped me realize that I needed a career change.

Kristina Turchanina, MBA in International Marketing, 2016
Client Service and Sales Executive at Nielsen

EU was a clear catalyst for my international career. The education and contacts I made during my studies helped me land my first truly international employment opportunity and set the course for my entire career.

Steven Rynecki, MBA in Communication & PR, 1995 Foreign Service Officer at USAID

About skills learned at EU that directly impacted their work today:

Even though it doesn’t sound like a skill, I think execution is key. It’s something I learned from some of the professors. A lot of people have very good ideas, and they’re smart, but a lot of them don’t execute.

Julian Baladurage, BSc (Hons) in International Business, 2012
CEO & Co-Founder at MBJ London

EU transformed my life. It gave me a 360º view of business, from organizational behavior, management skills and leadership to marketing and finance. It was super interesting and inspiring.

Yassine Bakkari, MBA in International Business, 2011
General Manager, Consumer Goods at L’Oréal Morocco

EU hires industry professionals as lecturers. So students gain fresh knowledge directly from them while examining real-life case studies. These are exactly the fundamentals one needs to successfully start their career journey.

Stefan Relic, BBA 2007
Global Manager, Digital & E-Commerce at Camper

At EU, they prepare you to start your own business and from that, you get to know every part of an organization. Bringing this to the table makes you a pleasant business partner and very knowledgeable, which is valuable for any company.

Imro Ritfeld, BBA, 1994 & MBA, 1995
Sr. Technical Program Manager at Amazon People Experience and Technology

I learned many great skills at EU: a good grounding in finance, a deep understanding of marketing (taught by some incredible marketers), and a brilliant and thoroughly inspiring education in organizations and organizational behavior.

Carla Faria, MBA, 1993
Director at Carla Faria Coaching

Advice they’d give to students starting their business studies:

Get out there and try not to overthink. If you get an opportunity, take it; you’re young and you have time.

Kristina Poluyanova, BBA, 2013
EMEA Product Marketing Manager, ACS at Autodes

Seize the fact that academic life provides an error-proof environment, [make mistakes] learn from them and get prepared for real business life.

Stefanos Kissoudis, MBA in Finance, 1999
Senior Business Analyst/Technology Expert Consultant for European Commission (DIGIT)

Stay flexible and agile, build a solid hard skills base and embrace new challenges.

Iliya Meshenliev, BBA, 2011
Supply Chain Finance PPM Manager, Coca-Cola European Partners

The lecturers are really qualified, working professionals. Try to learn as many practical things as you can from them.  Also, learn the local language; it will help you get a job after your studies!

Zia Siddiqui, MBA, 2016
Product Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group

We hope that during the next few years, you not only learn about business, but that you challenge yourself, innovate, fall down, pick yourself up, ask questions, make unforgettable memories, and create lifelong connections. Above all, make the most of the incredible journey that lies ahead and remember to reach out to our alumni if you need a helping hand!

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