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EU Alumni: Tianle Yu

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Today, Tianle Yu is a Customer Service Executive at Kuoni Group, but before the online programs, she admits that she was searching for a way to jump start her career. She realized that she would need to be the driving force for her own success. So, with determination, she enrolled in EU Business School’s Online Executive BBA program, and then fast tracked to the Online MBA.

What made you choose an Online Executive BBA at EU?

I was looking for a job really, but in the end, the fields that I was interested in… I saw that I did not have the knowledge or qualifications. The question was whether to stay where I was, without potential for development to be in these positions, or if I should just develop myself. To be honest, to be Chinese and to be in a foreign country is not easy. So that was my first intention on why I wanted to join this MBA course. I wanted to get more knowledge and help my career development.

What are the difference between an Online Executive BBA and an Online MBA?

The Executive BBA is a general program that fulfills everything, so no matter what major you are going to take, it is a really good bridge to go through if you are not qualified for the MBA. The Online MBA is longer, and the Online Executive BBA is intensive. The Online MBA is more academic for the first term and second term, and the third term you focus on your major.

How did your professors impact your online learning experience?

The professors are very experienced and patient. They can offer you a lot of opportunities. They really brought me some insights that I could never get from my position right now.

Did you enjoy working with people from different cultures and backgrounds?

It is a unique experience for everybody to get [connected with] people from around the world. We have people from Dubai, from Congo, from China. It’s unbelievable. This experience is really unique.

Would you recommend students to take part in the On-campus weeks?

The on-campus week I would suggest [for] everyone. I remember the first time I went to Geneva to meet all my classmates and it was amazing. It was really amazing because you see them for real, you talk to them, and all those impressions and images that you had of them, is different. It makes you closer.

Did the online programs meet your expectations?

The online program fulfilled my expectations. The professors and lecturers also have their experiences from around the world, and they are qualified. I recommend everyone to do [the Online Programs].

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