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6 Job Options for International Relations Students

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In today’s globalized world, International Relations as a study option leads to many exciting career opportunities. Blending history and political science, students in this field learn about contemporary issues like human rights, globalization and poverty. Business also takes up a significant portion in International Relations learning as it explores how international trade policies aim to mutually benefit regional economies resulting in improved political relations.

Upon graduating with a degree in IR, students gain an impressive cultural understanding of the world, allowing them to successfully join startups, NGOs, multinational corporations or government organizations. Other essential skills that IR students bring to the table include communication, critical thinking, networking and open-mindedness.

Here are six exciting career paths for somebody with an international relations major:


Ever wonder how good relations are established between foreign governments? Diplomacy – like a silk glove that covers a powerful hand. As a diplomat, you will be responsible for working towards improving trade and defending your country’s political interests. Addionally, you will be sharing your perspective on how countries should work together to better the lives of its citizens. Skills needed for diplomacy include tactfulness, ability to negotiate, assertiveness and how to stand your ground on important matters.

Communications Officer

Students who study International Relations are expert global communicators who would be highly valued at international organizations. IR students are skilled at shaping a company’s global image and have the cross-cultural knowledge to be able to reach a wide international audience with their message. Familiarity with current affairs is a key skill to have and to be able to see everyday problems through an international lens.

Political Scientist

If analyzing how governments work piques your interest, then political science might be your field. Political scientists study political systems and how they interact with other governing bodies or institutes. While they’re often called upon to assist in public policymaking, political scientists mostly conduct research, serve as pundits during election time or analyze government documents. A strong academic background is needed as many political scientists also teach at higher institutes. Other valuable skills include communication, interpreting results, organizing and thinking creatively.

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Civil Servant

As a civil servant, your commitment is to serve the public by solving everyday problems that affect your community. You are a government worker or a “bureaucrat” who works with and advises officials, manages agencies or sets budgets for certain campaigns or initiatives. With a degree in IR, candidates learn how to apply the political, economic and organizational aspects of international issues on a more local level.

Market Researcher

Market researchers carry out studies and collect and analyze data related to consumer behavior towards certain products or services. This research is also similar to what political scientists do but with their data being voting behavior and political orientation. Where the core objective might be to make predictions, market researchers’ ability to analyze market trends is critical. Since advertising has gone global, IR students are particularly valued in this profession due to their education being firmly rooted in an international foundation.


With social media creating alternative options to consuming news, there is a growing need for citizens to be able to make informed decisions about politics, travel and current affairs. IR majors are particularly knowledgeable about the world, making them ideal candidates for any correspondent or journalist post. Skills marketable in this field include having a global awareness and how to effectively communicate news to the world.

At EU Business School, the bachelor’s degree in International Relations is ideally suited for students who are interested in gaining a global perspective applied to the business world. Students will learn how to recognize, analyze and evaluate the role of major players, structures, and processes in business and politics. With 100+ nationalities present at EU Business School, students also gain from their peers an international mindset on all five campuses – Barcelona, Munich, Geneva, Montreux and Online. The alumni association of 27,000+ gives graduates access to an invaluable body of professional contacts across the world to help them get ahead on their exciting international career paths.

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