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The Three Most Popular Bachelor’s Degrees to Study in Geneva

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Certain degrees continue to be popular even as the world undergoes rapid changes, and it’s a common practice in job interviews to ask why you chose a particular course of study. In this article we provide some of the reasons why a business degree continues to top the list of undergraduate degree choices, and why it is a great idea to study one of these three degree courses offered at EU Business School’s Geneva campus

Why choose these degrees? 

Your choice of degree does not necessarily dictate your entire future career path, but it does give some indication of your career plans and goals. Some young people are lucky enough to have known their chosen career path from an early age and are able to choose an appropriate course of study to match that career path. 

Others – perhaps the majority – are uncertain about a long-term career path and have chosen a course of study based on subjects they like, or which they think sound interesting. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Career guidance questionnaires frequently start by exploring the student’s interests. 

But if going into business is your general plan, let’s look at three foundational business degree courses offered at EU Business School that provide a variety of focus areas and career potentials.  

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration 

A degree in business administration allows for the widest scope of choice regarding your early career path. A BBA is a comprehensive degree that will prepare you for a full range of functions within the business world.  

EU’s BBA program develops the business acumen required to carry out operations on a global scale. Students will cover international negotiation, cultures and languages, while exploring the complexity of multinational organizations, with their intricate hierarchies, social frameworks and administrative challenges. 

If you’re feeling somewhat undecided on a specific career direction, the BBA is an excellent starting point. Awarded either as a bachelor’s university degree from EU Business School Switzerland (option 1), or as a state-recognized BA (Hons) in Business Management from University of Derby, U.K. (option 2), the BBA has a further option to study an additional semester of your specialization to earn a state-recognized Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) accredited by Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM), Spain 

After exploring coursework in a variety of disciplines as an undergraduate, settling on a major will likely be a clearer and better-informed choice. See the detailed EU Business School course outline for more details of these options. 

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BS – Bachelor of Science in Business Finance 

Business finance is about creating value for stakeholders, which makes it a rewarding and challenging field of work. In this specialization, students will learn how to make decisions based on financial risk and opportunity, anticipate their clients’ needs and efficiently manage financial resources while balancing risk and profitability. Through a clear understanding of financial instruments and institutions, students will graduate with sound business ethics and a comprehensive overview of global finance. 

Students may choose either of the two study options outlined above in the BBA degree. 

BA – Bachelor of Arts in International Relations 

This is an exciting option for students who want to derive the full benefit of studying in a globally connected environment like EU Business School, Geneva. Hosting more than 350 students from over 100 nationalities, the Geneva campus is truly multinational in its composition and outlook. What better environment in which to study international relations? 

The program combines a global international relations outlook with the practical skills of business thinking. As corporations expand across national boundaries, they operate in a more complex landscape. This specialization provides a solid knowledge of the global economic environment, recognizing politics, cross-cultural values and ethics as key components. Students who complete this program are trained to apply a global mindset to conflict management and resolution while considering growth and the bottom line. 

Students may choose either of the two study options outlined above in the BBA degree. 

Team Management

Most Popular College Majors 

A recent study of the most popular college majors in the United States showed that Business has topped the list since 19751. With specializations in areas such as finance, accounting, international relations, entrepreneurship, and marketing, a qualification in business management will set you on a career path with the strongest likelihood of employability and top-income earnings

Earnings potential is not the only consideration for young undergraduates, however. A search for meaning, the prospects for fulfillment and the chance to study what is most personally interesting drive their decision-making to a substantial degree. 

Final Thoughts 

These three business-oriented degrees offered by EU Business School in Geneva open a portal to early career development and success.  

Living and studying in the multinational, multicultural environment which is Switzerland and Geneva, home to the headquarters of multinational companies and organizations including the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization and the Red Cross, surrounded by the beauty of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva, EU Business School in Geneva is the ideal place to make international connections and build a network at the start of your business career. Visit our website for more information about our cutting-edge programs.  

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