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Top 5 New Tech Breakthroughs Set to Change the World

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Cars. Planes. Television. The Internet. Sliced bread. These and many other inventions have seen giant leaps forward for humanity. We are now living in a time of unprecedented tech growth and the future possibilities are seemingly endless. What breakthroughs lie just around the corner and how will they change the way we live?

3D Metal Printing

With rapid advances in plastic 3D printing, the logical next step is metal. Improvements in the design and functionality of 3D printing machinery mean that mass-printing intricate metallic structures will soon be a reality. When this happens, the manufacturing process as we know it will be revolutionized.


Smart Cities

Through the implementation of sensors and analytical systems, tech giants are hoping to create an electronic network that will underpin city life. Futurist dream or Dystopian nightmare? Google’s parent company Alphabet are already working on making this dream/nightmare a reality by transforming Toronto’s waterfront are into a buzzing digital district.


AI in the Sky

With the aim of making AI accessible, big tech businesses such as Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft are working on creating machine learning technology more efficient, affordable and easy to use. Cloud-based AI services will fundamentally change the way businesses operate and bring cutting-edge technology to the masses.


High-Speed Transportation

Like something straight out of science-fiction, ETT (evacuated tube transport) will, at some point in the future, transport people in tubes at speeds of up to 4,000 mph. With Elon Musk’s fabled ‘Hyperloop’ project at the forefront, ETT will change transportation forever. Massive investment is needed before this expensive theory can become reality, but there’s no doubt that the wheels are in motion.


Dueling Neural Networks

Said to be the key to unlocking AI’s frightening potential, having two AI systems ‘duel’ would overcome a significant obstruction and enable ‘artificial imaginative intelligence.’ Unsurprisingly, Google are at the forefront of this boundary-breaking technology, which could prove to be the biggest step towards the rise of the robots.

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