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Top Online Master’s Degree Programs in Business

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In today’s highly competitive business market, hiring managers are looking to recruit more qualified candidates who are up to date with the latest trends in their chosen field. A postgraduate degree can help students maximize their career opportunities by expanding on the knowledge and skills they gained from their bachelor’s program. Professionals who are ready to take the next step may also benefit from going back to school in order to contribute to current research in their field.

At EU, our master’s programs are designed to prepare students for management roles in a variety of sectors, including finance, marketing, and tech. Through a combination of lectures, seminars, site visits, and business simulations, we deliver cutting-edge instruction and teach our students how to think as leaders.

Furthermore, we understand that many of our postgraduate students have other commitments, including full or part-time jobs. That’s why we take a flexible approach to creating our master’s programs. Choose from full or part-time, on campus or online study.

Why study online?

Online study is the perfect solution for busy professionals who want to boost their career, update their knowledge, and specialize their skillset without having to leave their day job.

Our online master’s degree programs offer a flexible, hands-on learning experience delivered by academics and experienced business leaders from anywhere in the world. As a student, you’re not confined to the classroom or regular school hours. You can study where and when it suits you, without compromising on the quality of your education.

Top online master’s degree programs in business

Over the last five decades, EU Business School has been developing high-quality, business education programs designed to prepare the next cohort of business leaders for the global market. Our award-winning degree courses are validated by international institutions, e.g., Universidad Católica de Murica and London Metropolitan University, and accredited by prestigious educational bodies which endorse the excellence and rigor of our teaching programs.

Although online teaching has been an adjustment for everyone – teachers and students alike – we understand how to engage remote students, and the quality of our teaching remains as high as ever. Our faculty is made up of academics, entrepreneurs, and experienced business leaders, giving students insights into the world of international business from every angle!

Six of our master’s degree programs can currently be studied online:

1. Master’s in Management

Rapid political, economic, social and technological changes are taking place across the world. In order to cope with and actively shape these complex changes, new forms of leadership are required. This program explores the realities of being an authentic leader in the 21st century, from making strategic decisions and managing people and performance, to negotiation and effective operational and marketing management. Focusing on the development of critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills, this master’s program gives students the tools to be an effective leader and to adapt to future changes in business.

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2. Master’s in Marketing

Markets are ever changing, and they have increasingly sophisticated consumers. Now more than ever, companies require innovative, qualified marketing experts to implement creative changes. From effective use of social media marketing to understanding target audiences, this program explores modern marketing methods and theories from various perspectives. In doing so, the program gives students insight into how marketing decisions relate to the analytical, strategic and operational areas of a business.

3. Master’s in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

In an ever-changing business landscape shaped by increasingly competitive markets, an entrepreneurial mindset is crucial for managers to bring about creative changes and growth. This program explores the main components of innovation and new venture creation, providing insight into entrepreneurial endeavor and the conditions within which it can be effectively cultivated. Focusing on the development of creative thinking and executive skills, students discover entrepreneurial challenges and solutions, while taking the opportunity to evaluate and conceptualize business models.

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4. Master’s in Fashion & Luxury Business

The fashion and luxury industry plays an important role in society. Focusing on business management skills and consumer attitudes toward luxury products, with an emphasis on design and creativity, this program prepares students for the projection of brands. With elements such as advertising strategy, communication skills and innovative thinking, students are given an in-depth insight into how to effectively manage and position a unique brand.

5. Master’s in Digital Marketing, Transformation & Design Thinking

The digital transformation of business is accelerating, and customers are becoming increasingly more empowered and selective with regard to their consumer choices. This program gives students the skills to design effective digital marketing campaigns, and apply a strategic approach to planning digital transformation. They re-design and re-imagine businesses and products driven by new technologies, and learn to understand consumer motivation together with the fundamentals behind search engine algorithms. Students also learn how to develop innovative ideas using the design thinking process among other ideation techniques.

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6. Master’s in Business Analytics & Data Science

Technology advances have dramatically changed the way businesses function. Expertise in business analytics and data science is essential to leverage technology for optimal results. Applying a hands-on approach, this program gives students a comprehensive foundation in data science, using industry-leading software, tools and applications. Students gain practical experience with advanced web-based applications and toolsets, learning how to use data as a strategic resource. They also learn to apply data management skills to business settings, effectively implementing data-driven solutions.

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Want to learn more? Check out the course pages on our website to find more information on course structure, fees, career options, and how to apply.

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