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Women Who Are Changing Our World

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This Women in Business Month, we are celebrating female role models. Many of EU’s young businesswomen have gone on to build admirable careers in industries ranging from non-profit to technology. They are living proof that women can be just as ambitious and powerful as their male counterparts, and have no shame in fighting for the recognition they deserve.

Below is a collection of quotes from alumnae who share how they would like to influence modern business, together with male alumni celebrating the prominent female figures in their lives.

Manaf Hassan, MBA with a Major in International Marketing, 2020
Sales Director at Animaccord

“It is a shame to see that only 8.2% of Fortune 500 companies are led by female CEOs. I truly believe there is a need for equality in the workplace, especially as our values are the core principles of modern management. Rejecting stereotypes and recognizing efforts based on performance is something that can ensure such balance takes place.”

Tia Liogas, MBA with a Major in Leisure & Tourism Management, 2010
Sr. Manager, DEI Programs at Grainger

“Diverse teams that foster feelings of inclusion drive greater results.”

Zach Traer, MBA, 2018
Talent Acquisition Specialist at Talkwalker

“My wife, Sara, originally had a brilliant career in financial auditing in Luxembourg, but decided to leave it all behind to pursue her passion for slow fashion. She is relentless. For over two years, Sara has worked harder than I’ve ever seen anyone work. She brings her designs to life, which are now worn by men (and even women) all over Europe and North America. It’s women like [my wife] who drive positive change in our communities, by mentoring other young women and driving change.”

Halim Suleiman, BBA, 2022
Founder and Creative Director at Damascajewels

“Standing for women’s rights and equity is basically standing for my sisters, my female friends, my mother and all the amazing women who contributed to shaping the person I am today. Women are an essential part of my business, and I believe in empowering them through acknowledgment and recognition. We were brought to life by women and without them, the world wouldn’t exist.”

Nicolas Bezón, MBA, 2020
Sales Representative at HP

“In every woman there is a president, a leader, a humanitarian and more. Our society should stop underestimating women and work toward a gender-equal world that provides everyone with equal rights and opportunities.”

Louisa Wangeci, MBA with a Major in Human Resources Management
Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Specialist at UN World Food Programme

“My life journey has been largely influenced by strong, professional women who have had a tremendous effect on the person I am today. A tutor once told me, ‘you can be whatever you want, and sit at any table. Acknowledge those who paved the way before you and you will do great things for the world.’ This stayed with me and helped develop my self-confidence and conviction. As businesswomen, we have a significant part to play in mentoring and encouraging the younger female members of the generations.”

Carla de Barros Barbosa, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication and Public Relations, 1997
Owner at

“Sincere interest and positive curiosity will drive you to want to know more, to unlearn, learn again and keep adding value. Whenever you are challenged by others in business, simply say to yourself; ‘I don’t compete, I empower’.  Then notice how things start shifting in your favor.”

Öykü Api, 2017
Head of HR at MetLife Gulf

“I want to make sure my voice is heard, and advocate for positive change toward a more inclusive and fair world… Courage is not about looking for external motivation to move forward, it is about reflecting from within.” Abstract from the book She Dares MENA Speakers, Öykü Api

Carla Faria, MBA, 1993
Director at Carla Faria Coaching

“‘Be brave, not perfect’ …it’s about growth.”

We encourage our students and alumni to continue pursuing gender equality, not just in the business world, but in their daily lives, providing a safe and progressive environment for all the women around them.

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