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5 Reasons Why Studying Abroad in Switzerland is a Great Option

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Switzerland’s position as a leader in finance and diplomacy make it the ideal location for your international business education. If you wish to study in one of the world’s centers of diplomacy and finance, consider EU Business School Geneva or if you wish to enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful natural scenery, consider EU Business School Montreux, a small boutique university located in a historical villa.

World-renowned for its chocolate and watches, Switzerland has so much more to offer for those who want to study abroad. Home to the headquarters of some of the world’s biggest businesses, it’s no surprise that Switzerland has been ranked as the most innovative country in the world for the eighth year running by the Global Innovation Index. Studying in Switzerland can be an excellent option for those who want a truly international lifestyle. Throw in the breathtaking scenery and high quality of life and the country is hard to beat.

Internationality in Switzerland

Switzerland’s location in the center of Europe, as well as its variety of international industries, make it among the most diverse countries in Europe. Foreign nationals account for nearly 40 percent the population, one of the highest ratios in the world. A broad international group is a great way to grow your social circle but can also be helpful in expanding your professional network. In fact, it has been proven that a multicultural environment can bolster richer idea generation, helping foster innovation and creativity.

Not only is this beneficial in an educational environment, but the schillingreport 2018 shows the number of foreign nationals on Swiss executive boards lies at 44 percent, highlighting the possibilities within Switzerland’s business sphere for internationals.

What are the Best Career Opportunities in Switzerland?

As one of the world’s major financial sectors and hub for diplomacy, there are plenty of opportunities for students to launch or further their careers in Switzerland. This includes consulting, banking, insurance and IT, with high demand for financial, business and system analysts.

A wide variety of multinational companies are based in Switzerland, including the headquarters of Nestlé, Novartis, Zurich Insurance, Roche, Credit Suisse, Adecco, Swiss Re and Glencore. This provides a rich pool of job positions for highly skilled professionals looking to work in specific industries, particularly foreigners and English-speakers.

Geneva is the global hub for diplomatic and political organizations. It’s home over 177 offices linked with and part of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the International Red Cross, as well as huge number of non-governmental organizations, with plenty of opportunity for prestigious careers in Switzerland.

Those who don’t see the job listing they desire, shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to the company of their choice. Quite often in Switzerland companies will have job openings they don’t advertise, so it’s worth emailing companies and sending in a résumé.

At EU Business School (EU) we are pleased to enjoy close relationships with these major organizations and companies, which benefit our students through internships, talks and workshops by top industry leaders. Recent events have included a joint project between EU and the United Nations, through which students were mentored by top professionals.

Networking Opportunities in Switzerland

With such an extensive list of industry giants in Switzerland, there are naturally hundreds of opportunities for professional networking. This can be particularly helpful to those who have recently moved to the country as it will help them quickly build a network of contacts.

Women can find inspiration through Geneva Women in International Trade (GWIT), which facilitates networking among professional women, but also provides mentorship and events featuring guest speakers. It is events like this that are starting to build up Switzerland as a place of not just major corporate business, but also a country that encourages startups and young entrepreneurs.

Another great way to get involved in networking opportunities is through involvement in local society and learning the local language. As Geneva and Montreux are fairly small cities, they also have small networks. That means once a student makes connections or gets their foot in the door, it can be easy to build up a successful career within the city.

Is the Quality of Life in Switzerland Really That Good?

Swiss cities are continually ranked among the best cities in the world to live in due to their high quality of life. Switzerland was ranked in the top five happiest countries in the world overall from 2015 to 2017, in the most recent report by the World Happiness Report. Mercer’s Quality of Living Report 2018 puts three Swiss cities in the top 10, including Geneva at number eight.

This is partially down to Switzerland’s low crime rate, but also to do with great job security and high wages. Switzerland has one of the highest average salaries in Europe, the Swiss economy is stable, the unemployment rate is one of the lowest globally and job security is the highest in all OECD countries. Additionally, Switzerland has been consistently ranked as one of the top countries for youth employment according to the KOF Youth Labour Market Index.

HSBC’s yearly survey of expats, ranking countries based on the feedback they received, also reflects this. Switzerland ranked number two on disposable income and wage growth, showing the earning and lifestyle potential that can be achieved in Switzerland.

Scenery in Switzerland

skiing alps

Switzerland is the perfect balance of calm and tranquil surroundings to study, but also provides adventure when you need it. With one of the most spectacular backdrops in Europe, Switzerland has an abundance of nature to enjoy. The ease of getting around Switzerland on their efficient public transport makes seeing the wonderful sights of the country that much easier.

The Swiss Alps, home to over 200 mountain peaks (including some of Europe’s highest), provide a spectacular backdrop across much of the country. There are numerous opportunities for adventure sports, including some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world, as well as hiking, rock climbing, glacier trekking and canyoning.

One of the highlights of the Alps is Niesenbahn, the longest continuous cable funicular in Europe. You can ascend to the summit of Neisen mountain at 2,362 meters. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can even try the world’s longest stairway right next to the track, with a cool 11,674 stairs.

There is also plenty to do during the summer months. From our EU campuses in both Geneva and Montreux you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Geneva. Go sailing, take part in watersports or just relax and sunbathe on the lakeside beaches. At EU’s boutique campus in Montreux

If music is your thing, Montreux is the perfect place to be, with one of the biggest worldwide jazz festivals taking place there every year. The event attracts thousands of visitors to see some of the most famous acts in the world; past artists have included as Iggy Pop, Jamiroquai, N.E.R.D, and Tyler the Creator. In fact, Montreux’s breathtaking scenery and lakeside location have long inspired artists, including the likes of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie – it could well give the inspiration you need for that next great business idea.

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