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Best Online MBA Degree Programs at EU Business School

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An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a highly sought-after qualification. Why? Because it endows students with a holistic understanding of all elements of business, including marketing, finance, and accounting. This very practical degree provides transferable knowledge and skills that can be easily applied in the workplace, which is why employers love it!

Benefits of studying online:

The pandemic has revolutionized how we see working and studying. Online alternatives have evolved, and they now present a far more attractive option to many people. Here are some of the reasons students choose virtual learning:

  • Greater choice of institutions
    In the past, students were restricted to whichever learning institutions were in their vicinity. Online learning has opened up options all around the world. Now, students can choose to study in places that better reflect their interests, values, and future goals.
  • Study at your own pace
    Online degree courses make education more accessible for students juggling additional responsibilities such as work or caregiving. Some students simply prefer the freedom of managing their own time, which online learning affords them.
  • A more affordable option
    Compared to in-person courses, online options are very competitively priced. Money is also saved on student accommodation and traveling to and from university. Many people find online learning to be more financially viable for these reasons.
  • Prepares you for remote work
    Given the huge changes that workplaces have undergone recently, it’s highly likely that your future career will involve some degree of online working. You can develop the skills required for effective virtual communication and collaboration during an online course.
  • Access to a global learning environment
    Online degree courses allow you to study alongside people all over the world. This can be a very enriching multicultural experience. Business is increasingly globalized, so you can start building your international network while studying online.
Online Business School

Why study at EU Business School?

EU Business School offers online MBA degree programs using an interactive, intuitive learning platform and dynamic live classes rooted in the reality of business.

What distinguishes EU Business School from other institutions is its hands-on approach. This is a very modern place of study that brings theory and practice together, preparing students to apply their education in real-world business environments.

At EU Business School, you can choose from 8 different specializations to focus on as you study your MBA. This means you gain the vast, generalized knowledge that an MBA implies, while simultaneously homing in on specific topics of interest.

Which online MBA degree programs are available at EU Business School?

Students at EU Business School may choose from the following specializations:

Online MBA International Business

As business continues to globalize, students wishing to pursue success in this field will need to develop a global perspective. This degree focuses on endowing students with an understanding of the international business landscape. They will also gain the necessary skills to navigate it, including finance, law, communications, and management.

Through the analysis of case studies, students build an understanding of how business concepts apply to real-world examples.

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Online MBA Communications and Public Relations

The field of communications is constantly changing. Think about how social media has totally transformed marketing, for example!

EU Business School is an excellent institution for studying this subject because it’s rooted in the reality of the modern business world.

By studying this online MBA, students will learn effective branding strategies that build connections with customers. They will also develop skillsets that keep them ahead of industry trends and able to analyze how they operate.

Online MBA International Marketing

These days, brands are expected to be able to broaden their appeal and reach an international audience. To do so, they need marketers with a global perspective.

Students of this MBA are perfectly positioned to pursue successful careers in this field. During their studies, they will learn how to effectively deliver a company’s message to achieve international engagement. The content of this course includes understanding markets and consumer behavior, analyzing competitors, and crafting creative campaigns.

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Online MBA Global Banking and Finance

In this course, students don’t only learn how finance functions in major institutions. They also get a feel for the global economic context and all its associated operations, opportunities, and challenges.

The Global Banking and Finance MBA tends to attract students with entrepreneurial aspirations. This is because it equips them with the acumen required to plan their own business projects and problem-solve along the way. The content of this course would also be very relevant to students who wish to enter the sphere of business management.

Online MBA Entrepreneurship

The MBA in Entrepreneurship was designed to meet an important need: it provides academic preparation for the reality of planning, launching, managing, and sustaining your own business.

For this reason, its content reflects the dynamic modern business landscape. It’s a program that would suit anyone interested in disruption and innovation in business. To establish and grow your own company, you need certain knowledge and a specific set of skills. This is the focus of this course, which is aimed at people who aspire to become business leaders.

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Online MBA Digital Business

Businesses are increasingly digitalized and heavily dependent on their online presence. This MBA focuses on the digital business context and explains how to use online tools to establish and enhance a business.

Given current business trends, this is a very timely course that prepares students to succeed in a rapidly growing field. They’ll learn about concepts such as online architecture and how the usability of a site can positively or negatively affect conversion rates.

Online MBA Human Resources Management

The focus of this MBA is on employees and how to recruit, retain, and develop them. It looks at management from different perspectives—social, cultural, and political—while providing students with a range of strategies to build an effective team.

Given the importance of human resources to the success of a company, an advanced understanding of this field is very attractive in the modern business landscape.

Online MBA Blockchain Management

Students who want to get ahead of trends in transformative technology might consider an MBA in Blockchain Management.

During this course, students will gain an understanding of the blockchain’s functionality as well as its revolutionary and disruptive potential. They’ll also analyze the issues and challenges that this technology raises for society at large.

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