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City Spotlight: How to Get Around in Munich

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Welcome back to class! We hope you had a relaxing and productive winter break. Now that you’re getting settled into your new home in Munich, it’s time to start exploring all the amazing things to do in the capital of Bavaria! Getting from place to place in Munich is actually quite easy and reliable due to the city’s impressive public transportation network. The network is not just the most convenient way to travel, but is important to the economic success of the city as a whole. You won’t need a car in Munich!

All about MVG

Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (Munich Transportation System), MVG for short, has been responsible for the city’s public transportation since 2001 and operates various modes of transit. Munich’s history of public transportation is over a century-long and is said to be directly linked to the success and development of the city as a whole. Therefore, it’s no surprise that MVG is continually implementing new services and remains committed to applying the latest social and sustainable practices into its long-term economic plans.

MVG welcomes you to Munich!

We’re here to make your time in the city a lot easier.

Getting you from place A to B is at the core of our business, but our public transportation company does much more than that.

Many students in Munich look for a job or internship during or after their studies, and MVG has many opportunities available. We employ dozens of people with various skills and we would be very happy to hear from you.

Director of strategic planning department at MVG, Gunnar Heipp

What are the easiest ways to move around the city?

The MVG Network includes:

  • Metro – The most used method of public transportation in Munich, with eight lines and over 100 stations.
  • Tram – Munich’s traffic lights automatically turn green at intersections for the trams, so they are always a quicker alternative to driving. The construction of new lines are continuously in the works to keep up with increasing consumer demand.
  • Bus – 460 km of bus lines are there to connect you with other methods of transport.
  • Bikes (MVG RAD) – The student rate for public bikes is just €12 for six months and gives you access to the many bike stations located throughout the city.
  • Car Sharing – The MVG more app is the one place to go for car sharing. It locates available vehicles in Munich through, BeeZero, DriveNow, Car2go and STATTAUTO.

The night tram and night bus service run every hour during the weekdays and every half hour during the weekends and holidays, so you’ll never have to miss that pub or nightclub outing with your friends again.

What about tickets?

Ticket machines are located in tram and bus stations within the MVG network, but there is an easier way to purchase tickets. Just download the MVG mobile application. The MVG app is valid for tickets throughout the MVG and MVV networks including the S-Bahn, allowing you to buy tickets and quickly check if your train or bus will be on-time. The ticket is then stored on your phone, so you don’t even need an internet connection at the ticket control.

Speak with EU Munich staff to inquire about discounted tickets for EU students and visit MVG-Fahrinfo for more information about the app.

How can I get more information and discounts?

MVG has recently launched the New Residents Project, an initiative aimed to help situate those who are new to the city. If you haven’t already received one, request a packet from MVG. It will include information about moving around the city, discounts, free tickets and suggestions of things to do.

Does MVG have any jobs or internships for EU Business School students?

MVG is always hiring and in need of interns. Build your practical work experience as an intern or student assistant, giving you a feel of the German job market and what it’s like to be a part of the MVG team.

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