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Communications and PR in the Changing Automotive Industry

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The automotive industry is experiencing one of its most exciting eras. Megatrends such as autonomous driving, electrification, mobility services and connectivity are among the challenges facing manufacturers today. 

In a recent guest speaker session for students at our Barcelona campus, Jan Conesa discussed communications and PR in the context of a rapidly changing automotive industry. He elaborated for students the skills needed to flourish in this challenging, fast moving and competitive business.  

Jan is a multilingual motoring journalist with a master’s degree in automotive journalism from Coventry, the automotive cradle of the U.K. He currently works for SEAT product communications, dealing with media relations and product presentations. 

SEAT – The Perfect Automotive Case Study

Using the example of SEAT, Jan showed students how to communicate in a challenging and changeable environment. SEAT is the only brand in Spain that designs, develops, manufactures and sells cars, making it the perfect company to use for an informative case study.  

However, PR is changing rapidly due to digitalization and a growing number of online events. Which means some approaches applied in the near-past, could become obsolete in the mid-future. What’s important is to learn to identify opportunities, move quickly and apply actions from a range of techniques and examples. Which is why a pragmatic education that includes speaker sessions and case studies helps students to thrive in their careers, equipping them not only with knowledge, but the tools and mindset of an agile professional. 

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‘2019 SEAT Arona XCELLENCE Lux 1.6 Taken in Warwick’ by Vauxford is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Many current trends and technological developments converge in the automotive industry. The resulting intense media attention makes now a great time to study the myriad approaches PR departments are taking to managing their communications and getting the best possible outcomes for brands and products. Looking at the decisions, successes and failures in play now, prepares students with insights and context that’ll enable them to get off to a flying start following graduation.  

Finding Your Feet in the Automotive Industry 

Jan offered some advice to help students stay ahead of the competition: “Follow news about the industry and keep reinventing yourself in terms of communication techniques.” This advice to place a continued focus on learning is one that has been heard from many of the prestigious speakers and global business leaders EU has hosted. Given the additional uncertainty in the world right now, this is especially pertinent advice; graduates need to be prepared to excel in a fluctuating and challenging economic environment. 

As the global automotive industry is predicted to grow to just shy of 9 trillion US dollars by 2030, it is certainly a lucrative career choice. And working in automotive communications and PR offers a challenge for driven graduates to really sink their teeth into. Jan advised students: “Working in automotive PR is very demanding. It is a fast-changing environment in which problems arise and you must react rapidly and effectively. In order to do well you must develop plenty of hard skills, but a positive attitude towards life and your job will also contribute a very high percentage of your success.“  

And for students eager to turn their passion into a career, studying communications and PR offers transferable expertise that can be applied across industries. Jan explained, “I’ve been passionate about cars and motorbikes since I was a kid, I always wanted my hobby to become my job. The path towards fulfilling my dream included gaining professional experiences as a freelance journalist and in the field of public relations.” 

Follow Your Passion in Communications and PR 

If you’re interested in pursuing a dynamic and exciting career, start now with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Public Relations at EU Business School. Students gain an understanding of current business trends and challenges, and graduate prepared for a successful career in the ever-changing business world. The program covers topics including structuring public relations campaigns, media strategy, organizational communication and ethics.  

For more advanced professionals, our Master in Marketing or MBA in Communications & Public Relations offer anyone seeking a career change, or who needs to update their knowledge for an increasingly digital world, the insights and experience necessary to thrive. 

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