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4 Inspiring Examples of Influencer Marketing

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In our hyper-connected digital age it is essential to establish a social media presence in order to forge meaningful relationships with prospective consumers.  

Modern marketers across sectors should leverage the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to boost brand awareness and enhance promotional initiatives. If you fail to embrace the growing power of social media marketing, you will fall behind your competitors. 

As today’s digital natives value the opinions of their peers over traditional forms of advertising, businesses need to find new ways to influence and engage their audience. Cue influencer marketing. 

One of the planet’s fastest-growing customer acquisition techniques, influencer marketing is a potent promotional force.  

74% of consumers trust social networking platforms to help guide their buying decisions, whilst 49% lean on influencer recommendations when looking to commit to a product or service. 

Influencer marketing should be a pivotal part of any effective marketing strategy. To put its brand-boosting advantages into perspective, here are four inspiring examples to help you on the path to success. 


The world-renowned high street retailer partnered up with influencers Julie Sariñana and Ela Velden—two of the world’s most beloved fashion bloggers—to plug its Fall Studio Collection. 

H&M encouraged Julie and Ela to wear their favorite garments from the collection when posting content on their Instagram accounts. The level of engagement generated by this influencer-led content has transformed H&M’s Instagram page into one of the most popular accounts in the fashion sector


As a brand advocate for Lagavulin Whisky, actor Nick Offerman helps the brand develop clever video content to boost its profile. One great example is this Father’s Day campaign video. Nick asked his dad for a helping hand to deliver something that’s amusing, emotive and centered on the age-old father-son message that ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.’ 

The video earned more than 46,000 YouTube views alone, while gaining a wealth of positive responses from both the press and consumers. A great example of influencer storytelling where brevity, creativity, and influencer marketing meet to deliver incredible results. 

Dunkin’ Donuts 

By launching a timely influencer marketing campaign, Dunkin’ Donuts squeezed every last drop of promotional value from National Donut Day. 

Focusing its efforts on Snapchat in particular, the brand nurtured relationships with eight hand-picked lifestyle influencers (those with direct relevance to its target audience’s values and interests) and allowed them to take over the platform for the day. 

Each influencer shared their unique voice through Dunkin’ Donut’s Snapchat channel throughout the course of the day, while offering its customers a limited special offer. This perfect influencer-centric marketing storm resulted in over 40,000 positive brand engagements. 


Not all brand-boosting influencers are human. In fact, animal influencers encourage an incredible level of engagement across social media channels.  

Aware of this, JetBlue Airlines requested the services of four-legged influencer Marnie the Dog to boost its commercial reach and connect with a wider audience. One post with Marnie generated more than triple their typical level of post engagement. 

Adopted from a shelter over a 10 years ago, Marnie is a hugely popular canine and boasts a 1.8 million-strong Instagram following. By developing a cute Instagram post featuring the beloved doggy influencer, JetBlue enjoyed a total of 3,900 likes and 157 comments. A testament to the unrivalled power of the animal influencer. 

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The examples included here demonstrate that if you take the time to forge mutually beneficial relationships with influencers who appeal to your customers, you will propel yourself ahead of the competition.  

With these campaigns for inspiration, think about your target audience, the influencers that appeal to them, and those most appropriate for your brand and core messages. It is in the intersection between these that you will find exciting opportunities to forge partnerships with influencers to boost brand awareness and increase business success.  

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