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6 Reasons to Attend a Short-Term Winter School Abroad

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Winter school abroad is a good opportunity for students to get an enriching learning experience in a different location. An international short-term winter school program abroad also allows students to take advantage of their holiday break by improving in certain subject areas while gaining an intercultural understanding. Additionally, since students are surrounded by other like-minded students from other countries, they also get to make some great international friends who could potentially become key contacts in the future.  

Here are a few reasons why you should attend a short-term winter school program: 

1. International Experience   

Because short-term winter school programs are, as the name suggests, short, they are often meant for students to get the most out of the experience. That means, the curriculum of such programs is designed not only for maximum learning but also for friendship-making and networking. Since you’re also studying in a foreign location, in your time off you could also explore the city with your new international colleagues and learn about local customs and cultures.  

2. Improve in Subjects  

Whether you’re doing the program because you’re falling behind or you want to get ahead, winter school is a great opportunity to focus on subjects without any other course material distracting you. The extra course is like an extra boost—it will help pull the subjects into greater focus as well as help build on already learned material, giving you a greater understanding of its key concepts and theories. This, in the end, will help you be prepared for exams and other assignments during the regular academic year.  

3. Improve your English

Another reason to take a winter course is to improve your English through your Winter School subject. For example, studying business in English is great because it’s important for getting ahead in your future career. A winter course in business focusses on areas that help students be on top of their game like business vocabulary, knowledge, report writing, giving presentations and case study workshops.  

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4. Reduce Workload During Regular Academic Year 

If there is a subject you may not be familiar with, and you anticipate it giving you extra trouble during the academic year, you might want to take this subject during a winter course. Familiarizing yourself with this subject before the semester starts will help you hit the ground running for tests and exams and other assignments.   

5. Study a Subject Not Offered at Your Institute 

You might be curious about a subject your program doesn’t offer. This could be music, but with an instrument your program doesn’t have, or physical education, with a greater focus on a particular sport. Winter school is a great opportunity to explore these areas. If this instrument or sport piques your interest more than others, you might even want to pursue it further.   

6. Strengthen Your Knowledge  

Apart from extracurricular activities, experience, good academic standing and having strong references, admissions boards for graduate studies like an MA or MBA require students to be prepared in their specialization subjects even before starting the program. By studying at winter school, you could make yourself stand out and make your application look a bit more competitive. This could improve your chances of getting into any program of your choice and thus, off to a good start to your career.  

EU Business School offers a two-week, English-taught winter school program held at our Munich campus. This course provides intense training in particular business disciplines and soft skills to help enhance the career prospects of young professionals. 

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