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The Best MBA Specializations for a High Paying Career

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An MBA, or a Master of Business Administration, is a highly sought-after degree in the corporate world. It is a general degree that cultivates all-around skills and increased business acumen. During your studies, you’re likely to gain a solid grounding in the principles of topics as diverse as accounting, economics, finance and marketing.  

The great thing about an MBA is that you have options to tailor it even further so that it perfectly caters to your specific interests and career goals. Choosing to study this flexible degree empowers you to specialize in different fields; however, prospective students may feel overwhelmed by the many intriguing options available.  

So, which is the best MBA program to ensure future success? Here are 7 of the highest paying MBA specializations you can study, according to Online MBA. All of them are available at EU Business School, where you can study the best MBA programs in Europe alongside students from all over the world. 

1. Entrepreneurship 

Do you have dreams of starting your own company? Then, this is the best MBA program to develop skills for future leadership. 

While studying an MBA in Entrepreneurship, you will develop the tools to drive innovation and build the businesses of tomorrow. This specialization aims to support students in identifying opportunities and developing successful strategies in the competitive modern business environment.  

It has been said that the students of today are in preparation for jobs that may not exist yet. Therefore, an MBA in Entrepreneurship should nurture the soft skills and provide the business insights required to ensure you’re able to navigate changing times. 

Study an MBA in Entrepreneurship at EU Business School.  

2. Finance 

An MBA with a Finance specialization includes in-depth courses on wide-ranging and high-level topics such as investments, capital markets, portfolio management, financial institutions, corporate finance, and international finance. It’s the ideal course for anyone who wishes to hold a senior position in the field of finance.  
You’ll not only accumulate relevant theoretical knowledge, but you’ll also understand how this knowledge is applied in the real financial and trading world. Post-graduation, you’ll be well-placed to pursue lucrative careers in financial firms and consultancies, banks, the stock market, or trading companies. 

Study an MBA in Finance at EU Business School

3. Marketing 

Marketing has proven itself to be a high-paying growth industry in recent years, which is probably why this is one of the most popular MBA specializations available. During this course, you can expect to study topics such as marketing principles, consumer behavior, advertising, marketing strategy, and international marketing.  
An MBA in Marketing is excellent preparation for a range of career options; for example, starting your own business, working as a consultant, or pursuing a leadership position in a marketing department. It promotes the development of transferable skills that will make you an asset in almost any workplace. 

Study an MBA in Marketing at EU Business School

4. Information Technology 

Anyone entering the business world today should be equipped with an understanding of information technology, and the best MA programs reflect this fact. For that reason, EU Business School has introduced an MBA specializing in Digital Business, specifically designed to meet the increasingly online demands of today’s business world.  
This course includes topics related to information technology; however, it focuses on how this technology can be harnessed towards business objectives. Expect also to discover how to build a successful business strategy and brand, and market a business online. 

Study an MBA in Digital Business at EU Business School. 

5. Information Security 

When you say, “the future of information security,” we hear “blockchain”! The MBA program in Blockchain Management at EU Business School couldn’t be timelier. This is cutting-edge technology, for which new applications in the public and private sectors are found every day. 
More and more companies are setting their sights on implementing blockchain technology, and this course will ensure you’re the expert they reach out to. While studying an MBA in Blockchain Management, you will look at how this disruptive technology can revolutionize modern economics. You’ll also explore related issues such as transparency and fair trade.   

Study an MBA in Blockchain Management at EU Business School

6. Human Resources 

An MBA specializing in Human Resources will make you an attractive candidate to any company looking to recruit, train and retain top talent. The workplace has undergone an incredible transformation as a result of COVID-19, which makes it an exciting time to enter the field of human resources. You could play a fundamental part in how companies respond to these new challenges.  
Majoring in Human Resources is a great choice for anyone interested in the highest levels of management, focusing on the social, cultural, and political forces that underpin management strategies. Afterward, you might choose to use your skills to build an exceptional team of business professionals on behalf of another company or as part of your own business endeavor. 
Study an MBA in Human Resources Management at EU Business School.  

7. International Business 

Due to increasing globalization, the successful business professionals of the future will be those who understand the intricacies of the market worldwide. In the business world, borders are now almost irrelevant: businesses are keen to maximize the potential of an international audience using global supply chains. 
Studying an MBA in International Business places you in a prime position to secure work in this climate. You’ll learn about all the most essential business topics, such as finance, law, media, communications and management, but you’ll also understand how they relate to an international context. 

Study an MBA in International Business at EU Business School
You don’t even have to leave home to access the best MBA programs, thanks to EU Business School. Simply choose the best online MBA specialization for your career goals, and you can work towards this achievement wherever you are in the world. You’ll still benefit from working in a multicultural group with international networking opportunities. 
Whether you envision yourself holding a management position in a major company or you prefer to follow your instincts and ambition into entrepreneurship, an MBA offers the ideal preparation for a range of high-paying career paths


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