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The Top 5 Most Popular MBA Specializations

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Whether you aspire to become the next Fortune 500 tech visionary or simply want to improve your marketability, an MBA degree may help you do just that by providing you with the right knowledge and skill set to take your career to the next level.  

This prestigious degree is in huge demand. To take full advantage of its benefits, the degree often requires at least two years of professional experience. That means that candidates can build on, strengthen and expand key business skills acquired during their careers and gain the business acumen required to occupy top managerial positions. An MBA provides a comprehensive grounding in fundamental business areas that are attractive to employers across all business sectors but, crucially, also gives professionals the opportunity to specialize in an area that allows them to become experts in that field. Choosing an area in which to gain more expertise ultimately comes down to interest, ROI and long-term goals.   

Here’s a list of the top five most popular MBA specializations

1. International Business 

Specializing in international business equips you with the tools to navigate a world with rapidly diminishing borders. Professionals develop a broad understanding of the global economic playing field through case study research accompanied by a diverse range of topics that relate to international business, including finance, law, media, communications and management.  

2. Communication & Public Relations 

Communication and public relations have drastically changed in the era of social and digital media. Professionals in the field are required not only to understand foundational methodologies, but also learn new techniques to coordinate increasingly complex public relations campaigns, especially now that consumers and brands are interconnected. This specialization provides MBA students with the know-how to stay ahead of current trends and to apply the latest technologies and communication strategies.  

3. International Marketing 

Whether it’s a small to mid-size enterprise or a large multinational, effective delivery of a company’s offerings is key to success in today’s constantly evolving and diverse business world. This MBA specialization provides the framework for understanding global markets, competitors, product portfolios and consumer behavior from an international perspective. By taking this specialization, candidates learn about the latest developments in digital marketing strategies, advertising and media.  

international marketing

4. Global Banking & Finance 

This specialization covers finance from the organizational point of view to challenges of the economy and financial management in firms and financial institutions. This highly popular specialization equips candidates with the analytical foundations necessary to deal with practical business issues in global banking and finance. It is the perfect preparation for management positions in the fields of corporate finance, asset and wealth fund management and other areas of banking.  

5. Digital Business 

A business without an online presence is a business that hasn’t reached its maximum earning potential. An MBA in digital business prepares you to thrive in an online business context, examining a broad range of topics from online architecture to usability, while covering many of the relevant issues that managers face in internet-based environments. MBA candidates in this specialization will be able to start their own online business, join an existing company or invent new ways of doing business online.  

Before studying an MBA, candidates should consider if it’s the right path to take to further their careers. At the end of the day, MBA or not, what counts most is strategic thinking, a global mindset and how to respond to disruption in their respective fields. 

At EU Business School, we understand how important it is to know the market and gauge which disciplines are in demand.
Apart from the Top 5 MBA specializations mentioned above, you can opt from the below given choices.

Majors offered by EU Business School:
International Business
Communication & Public Relations
International Marketing
Global Banking & Finance
Leisure & Tourism Management
Digital Business
Sports Management
Human Resources Management
Design Management
Blockchain Management
Dual Qualifications:
MSc in International Management

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