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What is a Bachelor of Business Technology Degree?

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When you’re thinking about which degree to study at university, you’re probably taking a few things into consideration:

  • Will I enjoy the topic of the degree?
  • How difficult will I find the work?
  • Will it help me get a job when I graduate?

If you’re concerned about employability after graduation, and want a degree that’s going to be rewarding and interesting, a Bachelor of Business Technology degree could be a great option for you.

What does a Bachelor of Business Technology degree involve?

Technology and IT systems are an essential part of any modern industry. Without knowledge of these systems, business operations can’t run smoothly, which can mean the difference between a company’s success and its failure.

With a bachelor’s degree in business technology, you’ll learn essential business management knowledge and skills that you can take into your future workplace. You’ll also gain a broad understanding of the current and future state of business technology.

This type of degree is very well-rounded, so you’ll also learn project management skills, problem-solving skills, and how to deal with the many challenges that arise in the business and IT fields.

Business technology degrees have great employment options when you graduate, as jobs in information technology are widely available and frequently well paid. With a degree of this kind, you’ll gain all the skills necessary to go straight into an entry-level role.

While some students may be building up their IT knowledge from scratch, these degrees can also be beneficial to those already working in the IT field, providing the opportunity to further their knowledge in order to take up advanced or managerial positions.

The benefits of a bachelor’s degree in business technology

There are many benefits that come with studying a bachelor’s degree in business technology. Here are some of the main ones:

  • You can start from scratch, as you don’t need to have any prior IT or business knowledge to begin a bachelor’s degree in business technology.
  • Your employability is enhanced, as business and IT skills are always in high demand
  • Develop innovative thinking and a flexible mindset – useful attributes no matter which field you choose to work in.
  • You can learn through a mix of practical projects and theory-based study
  • You get the chance to develop your own unique business personality that will help you stand out from the crowd
  • Career options post-graduation are very flexible, as this degree opens up a range of pathways, including consultancy, project management, web development, digital transformation and business analysis.

Example courses on a Bachelor of Business Technology degree

While every degree course is different, many will share some similar class concepts. Here are some of the courses you can expect to study:

  • Finance and business performance
  • Quantitative skills for business
  • Applied operations management
  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Global business and strategy
  • Business economics
  • IT business analytics
  • Organizational behaviour
  • Ethics for IT professionals
  • Business law and ethics
  • Systems analysis and design

Learning outcomes of the degree

With most degrees in this subject, you’ll be taught the fundamental topics that apply to careers in business and IT. You’ll also get the chance to choose a key area that you want to specialize in.

Throughout your degree, you’ll gain the practical skills that can be applied to your chosen career, while also developing your own thinking and problem-solving skills to work independently. 

By the end of your degree, you should be able to:

  • Apply business knowledge and skills that you have learned during your degree to real-life working situations
  • Effectively use IT to retrieve, analyse and present data
  • Make strategic decisions and solve issues that may arise in your job

Career options

A degree in business technology is a great option for those who want to finish university with a range of career opportunities open to them.

Graduates who have broad business knowledge and technological awareness are often highly sought-after by employers across a range of industries.

Some careers that graduates in this field may enter into after university include:

Business Analyst

As a business analyst, you’ll be in charge of identifying solutions to issues that your business is facing. You’ll need to develop strategies and measure the outcomes that will help your company maximise their use of IT systems and technology.

Innovation Manager

Innovation is all about developing new products, services and processes. As an innovation manager, you’ll lead the way on new innovative products and challenge your company’s traditional ways of working. 

Technology Consultant

In this role, you’ll be able to combine your business and IT knowledge to provide expertise and leadership while the company focuses on their day-to-day operations. You’ll need up-to-date knowledge on the newest technology trends, products and innovations for this role. 

Data Scientist

If you like numbers and data, this could be the career for you. Data scientists analyse data to come up with valuable information that companies can use.

What can you do next?

After completing a degree in business technology, you can go straight into work. However, you could also continue your studies and expand your knowledge further.

After a bachelor’s degree, you could go on to study an MBA program, which will give you a more advanced business understanding, and could make you more employable when you graduate.

MBA degrees that you could study after your bachelor’s degree include:

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