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EU Business School BBA

BS - Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Management

Digital technology has brought enormous change to the world in every area, not only in the areas of science, technology, entertainment and politics. This cutting edge program is designed to teach you how to harness and capitalize on digital media for the benefit of shaping corporate image, attracting clientele and creating a platform to sell and promote products. Within the digital media production sector, the demand for professional project managers, social media managers and account managers is rapidly increasing.

How You Earn Your Certificate

Year 1

First Semester (22 CH | 30 ECTS)

Year 2

Third Semester (21 CH | 30 ECTS)

Year 3

Fifth Semester (21 CH | 30 ECTS)


Second Semester (22 CH | 30 ECTS)


Fourth Semester (22 CH | 30 ECTS)


Sixt Semester (22 CH | 30 ECTS)

Learning Outcomes

The program gives students fundamental knowledge of the financial and logistical workings of the media world, as well as the skills necessary to manage a digital media company. In addition, students will:



Develop an overall understanding of the multimedia world.


Apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations.


Demonstrate the ability to work independently and adhere to deadlines.


Develop a business plan for an exemplary media firm.

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