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EU Finance Society: From Ideas to Reality

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Rron Morina founded the EU Finance Society in May 2021 as a first-year BBA student. After speaking with EU alumni working in global investment banks, Rron discovered his passion for financial markets and wealth management, the responsibilities of which resonated with him instantaneously. 

Realizing that he wanted to work in finance after completing his studies, Rron set out to create a platform where students could have the opportunity to meet the people in the industry’s most sought-after positions.

The finance world possesses a climate of intense competition, where even entry-level positions demand high levels of experience. The EU Finance Society defines one of its core purposes as connecting students with industry professionals. It acts as a stepping stone, allowing students to express their interest, drive and passion, while providing them with an in-depth view of the complex workings within the field. 

The importance of teamwork

The society’s success has been made possible by the help of Rron’s executive team, who have assisted with planning and activities since the early days of the club. 

Dean of EU’s Geneva campus, Professor Stef de Jong, was immediately supportive of the project, and gave the group the green light to proceed. Professor De Jong’s extensive experience, knowledge, and connections in the industry led to invitations of high-profile guest speakers for the society. His devotion and willingness to be the president’s right hand are highly appreciated.

Hadi Itani has been a member of the EU Finance Society since its humble beginnings. He demonstrates loyalty and dedication to the growth of the club, always treating its tasks with the professionalism that they demand. Hadi plays an integral role in supporting the president with marketing activities, planning future projects, and organizing guest speaker events.   

Thanks must also be expressed to Gezim Ismaili and Artenis Metaliaj for their encouragement during the society’s early days. Their roles as managing directors served to assuage initial doubts during the setting up of the club, and they have also assisted with selecting guest speakers, devising activities, and outlining future endeavours. 

The EU Finance Society would also like to express its gratitude to all of its non-executive members, who join each meeting to share their opinions, and contribute to the growth of the club. They cannot be thanked enough for their participation and insights. 

Achievements and future plans

The society has collaborated with members of Rothschild & Co, Anton WM SA (Suisse) and Honesto SA, along with various fund managers, private bankers and wealth managers. It plans to hold networking events with global investment banks, visit the world’s largest commodity trading offices, set up recruitment days with finance HR professionals and organize a conference by the Group CEO of Doha Bank, Dr. Raghavan Seetharaman.

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