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EU’s Business Club Sets Sights on Success

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EU’s Business Club grew out of the friendship between Toshiro Michael Kato Maldonado, Matvey Maslov and myself, Kristof Buday. After handing in our final assignments for our first year at EU Business School, we celebrated the end of the semester, and conversation turned to our ideas for the future. We realized that while we all shared an ambition to achieve great things in life, that there was still a lot of work to be done. This, and that the path to realizing our objectives was anything but clear cut. Pitching our thoughts together, the club was born as a way to help us reach our goals.

Our differences make us stronger

In contrast to many other groups, EU’s Business Club does not limit itself to members of a certain age range, or specific degree program. From first-year bachelor’s students, to working professionals completing their master’s studies, all are welcome to participate and contribute to the exchange of ideas. This diversity and mutual support allows us to formulate unique solutions, which are of benefit to all members of the club. The process of carving out a personal route to success is made smoother, and all together more pleasant, as a result of our collaboration!

We began by solving case studies that we found online, helping to build our members’ knowledge and confidence to tackle real-life business situations. As the club grew, we progressed from using internet studies to working with established companies, such as M2 Business Consulting, and Arabesque. One of our members, Gideon Aigbe, landed an internship at the latter firm after winning the club’s case study competition. Connections and experiences like these are an invaluable asset to anyone looking to move up in today’s corporate world.     

Bright plans for the future

For the upcoming semester, we have chosen to structure the club’s curriculum to encourage our entrepreneurially-inclined members. Throughout the semester, we will guide them through the steps of creating a successful business plan for a start-up. At the end of the year, the members will present their ideas before a panel of judges, and possibly investors.  

For the moment, the case study practices and start-up incubator remain separate projects. We plan to run the two initiatives side-by-side once they have been thoroughly tested, and we can ensure that our club members will receive quality learning and mentorship from both activities. 

Munich Business Club would not be possible with just three people in charge of organizing everything, however – especially not while working and studying at the same time! We are thankful to our first vice-president, Ekatrina Iamshcikova, for all of her contributions. We would also like to welcome our second vice-president, Ivona Spasovska, following her enthusiasm and assistance throughout the past semester. Our thanks also go to former vice-president, Vidushi Bhattacharjee, whose help was vital during the early days of our venture.

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