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Your Guide to Student Accommodation in Barcelona

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When it comes to a well-rounded educational experience, location and accommodation are almost as important as study and academics. 

If you’re looking for a vibrant, inspirational setting for your studies, Barcelona, as a destination, is hard to beat. 

Boasting a wealth of affordable student accommodation options in addition to stunning architecture, fine dining, superb cultural entertainment, and a prime coastal location, Barcelona is a business student’s dream come true

But, course content and surroundings aside, without the right accommodation for your needs, your educational experience, as a whole, will become stunted. 

To help you find the perfect student accommodation in Barcelona and get your educational adventure off to the best possible start, here is a quick practical guide for your reading pleasure. 

Monthly Rentals in Barcelona

From Sant Pere to the Barri Gòtic, there is a wealth of inviting student accommodation areas in Barcelona, each offering its own unique charm, features, and amenities. 

While, like any iconic student city, monthly rentals in Barcelona fluctuate according to specific location, here is a guide to general living costs in or around the city: 

  • Private apartment: Starting at 650 Euros per month, plus bills (typically). 
  • Shared student home: Around 300 to 500 Euros, plus the shared cost of bills. 

Before you start your student accommodation search, you should decide whether a private or shared home will best suit your needs, as well as your budget.  

Once you’re clear on the type of accommodation you’re looking for, as well as the financial commitments of your potential choice, you will be able to streamline your search.

Tips for Finding the Right Student Accommodation in Barcelona

Here we explore a mix of essential things to consider when searching for the right student accommodation in Barcelona. 

Find out all you can about the city 

In addition to researching your campus and prospective course in detail, getting to know Barcelona as a destination is essential to picking the right student accommodation for your needs. From local culture to entertainment and amenities, and beyond, taking the time to get under the skin of Barcelona will help you make informed decisions concerning your search for accommodation. Talking to existing residents and students will help you gain a first-hand perspective of life in Barcelona. 

Set your criteria and budget 

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Look at your monthly budget with a fine-tooth comb. Once you arrive at a round figure, you should write a list of your accommodation needs. Carry out some initial research to see if your criteria and budget correspond—and if they don’t quite match, make small adjustments (in terms of location and accommodation type) until they do. In doing so, you will be able to narrow down your search while finding accommodation that is affordable and amenable. 

Search online 

When it comes to student accommodation in Barcelona, there are a host of websites, services, and informational hubs that will help you enhance your search—so get online and start surfing. 

The earlier you start your search, the better. And the more extensive the research you carry out, the more successful the result will be. 

At EU Business School, we have access to excellent Barcelona-based accommodation resources and can offer tailored advice to help you find a student home that suits your needs. And we can inform you about the latest health information, guidelines and heightened measures in place across our accommodation options, so that you can live and study with peace of mind.  

To find out more about our exclusive EU Business School student accommodation information service, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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