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Things are constantly changing in the world of business. With new technologies and innovation always evolving, it’s important for those entering the corporate world to keep up. This includes studying university degrees that provide the skills for in-demand roles.

With more jobs opening in new fields, the importance of training people is as essential as ever. A wide range of unique employment opportunities that did not exist 10 years ago are now available to graduates.

Today, many of the most popular jobs are ones that didn’t exist at the turn of the century, and training people to prepare for these positions is the responsibility of schools across the globe.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular new jobs that are in high demand.

Seven jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

The job market has undergone rapid and significant changes during the last decade. Here are just a few examples of brand-new positions that are available today:

  1. Social media influencer
  2. Social media marketer
  3. Blockchain analyst
  4. Self-driving car engineer
  5. Cloud architect
  6. Podcast producer
  7. Big data scientist

Seven degrees for modern in-demand jobs

If any of the jobs mentioned above sound like something you could be interested in, there are a range of degree courses that you can take to gain the necessary skills.

MBA in Blockchain Management

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have spearheaded the global blockchain movement, forging a significant new industry.

With a Blockchain Management MBA, students learn crucial managerial skills and gain an in-depth knowledge of blockchain and its applications. Future careers in the field, can involve consulting clients on the best ways to implement blockchain, creating new blockchain opportunities, or using the technology to accelerate business model improvement. From cryptocurrency trader to blockchain project manager, this MBA program gives you all the knowledge you need to be highly employable when you graduate.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

Members of the younger generations are turning away from typical nine-to-five jobs, with many people opting to start their own businesses instead.

An entrepreneurial mindset is an important quality to have if you want to start your own business, and an MBA in entrepreneurship gives you the practical and theoretical skills that help shape this way of thinking. Not only is this qualification useful to those who aspire to working for themselves, it’s also excellent for anyone looking to incorporate entrepreneurial thinking into a large company structure.

With regard to potential careers, development directors, product managers, and management analysts all depend on entrepreneurial skills to devise solutions to everyday business problems.

Master in Business Analytics & Data Science

With a Business Analytics & Data Science MBA, you’ll learn about the importance of data analytics in modern-day businesses. You’ll learn how to work with data sets and apply the information to solve problems and drive companies forward.

Future career paths include data analytics consultant, operations analyst, data scientist, or financial risk manager – all of which are highly sought-after positions in companies looking to harness the power of data.

Master in Digital Marketing, Transformation & Design Thinking

Marketing is an expansive industry. By studying the Digital Marketing, Transformation & Design Thinking MBA, you’ll gain an understanding of the technical, strategic, and creative thinking skills required for a career in this field.

From essential SEO skills that help your website stand out online, to managing digital strategies within an organization, this MBA program provides you with the knowledge for a range of different career paths within digital marketing.

After graduating, you could go on to work in roles such as design strategist, digital marketing strategist, digital adoption manager, or search engine optimization specialist.

Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Business is getting more competitive, pushing companies to be more innovative and unique than ever before. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is important for anyone who wants to drive their business forward and bring about creative changes and growth strategies.

With a Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, students explore the different components of innovation and entrepreneurship, and discover how they can apply these principles to any business with which they work.

Graduates may subsequently take on roles such as company founder, customer experience manager, innovation consultant, or business development manager.

BA (Hons) in Business (Information Systems)

The Business (Information Systems) program offers students in-depth insight into the skills, knowledge, and competencies that it takes to control and manage organizational data.

Database management is becoming a more complex field, and experience in optimizing company information is more in-demand than ever before. Combining business and technology is a common choice for many students, reflecting the changes that the business landscape has undergone during the past 10 years.

After completing this program, students can go on to work in roles such as database developer, information systems and technology manager, IT consultant, or business intelligence specialist.

BA (Hons) in Business (Cloud Computing)

Another degree program for in-demand jobs is Business (Cloud Computing).

Previously not considered to be part of mainstream technology, cloud computing now forms an intrinsic part of many businesses, which rely heavily on cloud system to keep their information secure.

With this program, students are equipped with the knowledge necessary to work with cloud-based solutions across a variety of business scenarios.

Combining business and technological skills, graduates are able to take on roles such as cloud systems administrator, database designer, IT consultant, or database analyst. Wherever your interests lie, there’s a program to help you develop your talents and skills – both now and for the future. To learn more about the cutting-edge programs offered at EU Business School, visit our website at: https://www.euruni.edu/en/Programs/programs.html

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