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The new-look Career Services Department (CSD) has got off to a fantastic start since its renovation this academic year, striving to provide students across the entire EU Group with outstanding career advice that can help them in their professional lives. Students can join those who have already benefited from it by signing up by clicking on the “sign up” button at the bottom of the page and using their EU e-mail account with a six-character password.

Personalized counseling, assistance and information helps students to approach their search for a career with the complete skill set that they require. This approach continues to prove effective, based on EU’s excellent employment record for students: most graduates are employed, placed in an internship or accepted into a further study program within six months of graduation.

To develop a rounded skill set, students receive professional advice on their CVs, assistance with interview preparations and updates on the latest networking opportunities. Furthermore, the CSD is in constant contact with major companies such as Danone, Gucci, Hotel Arts and Accenture among many more, obtaining exclusive offers for EU students. A complete list of companies and their profiles can be accessed by those who have registered.


A Positive Relationship

The CSD was established exclusively with the intention of assisting students in their career search. To this end, the department recently conducted a feedback exercise with both current and graduated students to see where they could improve or alter their approach to ensure students get the best possible outcome.

I value the strong interaction – I am always updated about the new offers.

Students approach the CSD with a variety of different objectives, whether they’re looking for a professional opportunity in a specific location, or perhaps weighing the possibilities of approaching a certain sector. One student said “I approached the CSD to make sure that I am on the right track to get an internship through EU and also for building my profile in the best way possible.” Regardless of their original request, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with students citing the personal interaction and professional approach of the staff across our campuses, namely Rosita Cordasco, Souad El Haddad and Norma Tecuatl, as standout strengths.

The rest of the feedback has been incorporated into the planning of CSD activities, to ensure that students receive the career support that they need.


Ongoing Assistance

In conjunction with faculty and staff, the CSD hosts exciting Career Workshops, where students get the opportunity to learn from distinguished and varied guest speakers, both from EU’s Career Service and from external experts. The speakers belong to a variety of industries and sectors, so students can benefit from a wider perspective on recruitment processes in general. These are regular events that take place across the EU Group.

In addition to these on-campus events, the CSD keeps a finger on the pulse of developments and events in local recruitment. For example, students on the EU Barcelona campus enjoy the chance to attend events such as the Pitch Bootcamp which facilitates direct relationships between job seekers and local businesses.

These events can have exciting, unforeseen opportunities for students, who can use their career skills to capitalize on any new career breaks.

Have you had an experience with the CSD? Do you have any feedback?

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