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4 Traditional Student Habits Online Students Should Apply

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While studying online certainly has dozens of advantages, it does come with one slight setback: you are accountable to yourself only, and you will need to ensure you attend class, do the coursework and stay on top of your exams. 

In a traditional student setting, there are mechanisms in place to keep you on track – which is not the case with online education, so you will need to work out how to study online. 

In order to ensure you not only make the most of your online studies but do so with relative ease and less stress, try adopting these good study habits of traditional students.

1. Manage your time 

Time management can be one of your biggest challenges. As there is no set schedule, and you don’t have to be in physical class at a certain time, it’s easy to fall prey to procrastination, and let things slip.

Make a list of all the tasks you need to complete and divide them into different categories, based on priority and urgency. 

After that, create your own timetable, and schedule in the time to do each task. Treat it as you would any other timetable: attendance is non-negotiable.

2. Network with fellow students 

Networking is one of the major advantages of going to school: after all, the people you meet in college can one day help you land your dream job.

As an online student, you won’t be able to meet all your colleagues in person. Make sure to circumvent that issue by going to on-campus meetups and try to meet those who live in your area in person, or you can join mailing lists, Facebook and chat groups, and network online using social media. Help each other out with coursework, but don’t forget to simply socialize, and create your own campus setting. 

3. Create your own study space 

As you don’t have to leave your home to attend class, make sure you create a study space in your home. 

It should be well lit and airy, and large enough to fit all your tools: computer, books, pen and paper, without feeling too cramped. 

Don’t study in bed or at the dinner table if you can help it: having a set space where you do nothing, but study will improve your focus and boost your productivity.

4. Eliminate distractions 

Studying from home means you are exposed to all sorts of distractions: from Netflix to the dishes leftover from last night.

Treat your schedule as you would coursework on campus, and don’t let yourself get distracted. Study time is study time: just imagine yourself in a classroom somewhere.

Let your friends and family know you are not available to run errands or go out for coffee during your study hours. Just like they are not able to leave work to walk your dog for you or skip class to run to the post office. Figuring out how to study online might take some time, but once you get it down, it will become an incredibly enjoyable experience. 

Studying online may seem like a challenge, but by adopting these good study habits, you will quickly overcome it, and enjoy the benefits of creating your own schedule and focusing on the areas that truly interest you. At EU Business School, you will get the best of both worlds: a chance to hone your knowledge, and do it at on your own terms.

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