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How Online Learning Is Shaping the Future of Higher Education

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Whatever your business goals may be, online learning offers a wealth of flexible learning opportunities that suit the needs and preferences of ambitious modern students. 

As the digital age evolves, the value of online learning continues to rise. There are a wealth of benefits related to distance education which we will explore in this article.  

But, before we delve any deeper, these three illuminating facts set the scene by demonstrating the power of the online learning model.  

  • Online learning curriculums boost learning retention rates by between 25% and 60%.
  •  81% of US college students alone agree that online learning technology has helped to improve their grades. 
  • The global e-learning market is expected to be worth $325 billion in 2025. 

Whether you’re thinking about starting a new course, embarking on a new learning challenge, or stuck in isolation and wondering how to productively use your time, online learning could be the perfect solution for you. Read on to find out why.  


If you’re in quarantine or self-isolating, time may not be such an issue for you. However, online learning offers students game-changing flexibility. By breaking away from the traditional classroom learning model which revolves around a set timetable and in-person attendance on campus, you’ll be able to fit your academic commitments around the rest of your life. Whether you are working, have caring or other responsibilities or simply enjoy being the master of your own time, online learning is a solution that enables anyone to access quality education in their available time. 

In gaining the ability to take control of your business studies schedule, you’ll be able to tap into your learning experience at the times your most comfortable and engaged which, in turn, will make your studies more valuable. It will also increase your personal learning retention. Which brings to mind that age old adage, work smarter not harder.  

Moreover, the unrivalled flexibility of online learning will empower you to strike the perfect work-life-study balance— an important factor for maintaining your wellbeing. 


EdTech (education technology) is revolutionizing education. 

There is no doubt that a successful business education includes the opportunity to build a professional network that will open access to peer support, advice and invaluable work opportunities. A common misconception is that online learning offers an isolated, and isolating, experience. However, the advent of dynamic online learning platforms has changed this completely. Now, online learning can be as community-based as a face-to-face classroom experience. By enrolling in the right online course, you will gain access to the tools required to converse and collaborative with other students. You’ll also be able to reach out to course tutors for advice and support and access a suite of invaluable learning resources that will enhance your academic success. 

Not only that, but online courses can attract and bring together students from around the world. When you access your virtual classroom, you connect with a global community. Studying and collaborating with people from diverse cultures will open you up to new ways of thinking and will make you a better communicator.  

You do not need to be with peers or tutors in person to tap into a rich, dynamic community. The best online learning combines access to an international network with academic flexibility, making it a matchless option for an effective business education. 


If you choose to study online, you suddenly have access to courses and educational institutions around the world. Why choose to study locally when you could study at the best university for your chosen subject?  

Online programs and the incredible advances in education technology provide students with the luxury of a much greater choice. In turn, this increases competition between schools and drives up the standards of online courses everywhere.  

However, this can have the adverse effect of making it harder to sort the reputable providers from those that are just hurrying to capitalize on a good business opportunity. When deciding on your program look for recognition and student testimonials to complement a thorough look through the course details.  

As the number of people choosing to study online increases, so does the number of businesses placing a higher value in online credentials when seeking to fill job roles. Whilst online accredited degrees are already recognized for their value, the increased role of distance learning has led 57% of industry experts to project that employers will place more value in a range of online-learning credentials in the coming years. 

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EU’s Innovative Online Learning Experience

At EU Business School, we’re committed to offering existing and prospective students a dynamic online learning experience tailored to their individual needs and preferences. 

EU is at the forefront of business education, using state-of-the-art technology to deliver live interactive webinars, group projects and business simulations to online students. Course materials and a global network of peers are easily accessed through the world-class learning platform Moodle, while our faculty of acclaimed lecturers offer real-time personalized tutoring and support to students from around the world

EU’s expertise providing an engaging and interactive distance learning experience has been recognized by CEO Magazine who’ve named our Online MBA as number one worldwide for six consecutive years.  

To find out more about our cutting-edge online courses, hear from online students about their experiences, explore our online campus and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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