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Online Student Experience | Pankaj Goel

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Originally from Amritsar, India, famed for its rich cultural heritage, Pankaj Goel was already living and working in Basel, Switzerland, when he decided to return to education as an online student at EU Business School.  

Pankaj joined the online campus to achieve his MBA with a major in International Business, whilst employed as a senior medical professional in the pharmaceuticals industry with his MD (Doctor of Medicine) background. Pankaj is currently working as a Medical Director in Clinical R&D for Digital Programs at Novartis Pharma AG, Basel Switzerland. His qualifications and passion in both medicine and business enable him to provide strategic leadership to his team and to develop new medicines with digital healthcare solutions.  

We asked Pankaj if he could tell us about his time at EU’s online campus and share some tips to help our EU community make the most of the remote learning experience.  

Why did you choose to study online?   

I wanted to study MBA from a reputed business school but could not afford a break in my career. I also wanted the flexibility to fit everything together: my work, personal life and my studies. After considering several options and speaking with some students of online campus at EU Business School, this looked like the best option.   

What advice and tips can you share with students about staying motivated?  

Your personal purpose for studying a program like this must be very clear and strong. When it gets difficult (and believe me, it gets difficult!), it is important to remember your purpose. Also, it is important to realize that almost everyone in the course has unique challenges to overcome. Besides, this program allows a lot of flexibility that enables students to adjust their pace and plan the curriculum every term.     

What advice and tips can you share with students about keeping in touch with classmates and academic staff? 

The possibility to connect with classmates and academic staff in live webinars and during on-campus weeks were, for me, key attractions of EU Business School’s online MBA program. Interactions with peers coming from diverse backgrounds, industries, geographies and experiences adds tremendously to the overall learning experience. This connection also helps during group work and team assignments. Besides obtaining the degree, you also develop a network and personal connections that last a lifetime.      

What advice and tips can you share with students about studying effectively at home?  

Like with most other things, advanced planning is very important. The academic office provides a schedule for each course each term, ahead of time. This is very helpful for planning the term. Studying effectively at home requires personal discipline and some adjustments to your lifestyle. It is also important to balance studies with personal life, for example making time for family and friends over the weekends. Demarcate study time and non-study (personal) time and approach these distinct moments with focus and purpose. Having study partners (even virtually) who will push and support you, can also be an effective strategy to study effectively at home.    

Can you share a highlight from your time studying online at EU?  

One of the highlights from my time studying at EU Business School was visiting various businesses during on-campus weeks. These are a great opportunity to meet and learn from the real-life examples and experiences of innovators, start-ups and business leaders of small or big companies. On-campus weeks also provided excellent opportunities for formal and informal face-to-face interactions with other students and the faculty.  

What did you enjoy about your experience studying online with EU?  

The flexibility of the EU program meant that it was possible to adapt the pace of studies with the pace of life, which made this an enriching experience. I also enjoyed the opportunity to connect with peers and faculty from across the globe in real-time during live webinars. The faculty was very knowledgeable and experienced in providing business context to the course work. 

How has your online qualification helped you in your career?  

When I started the MBA program, I already had an MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree and was employed with many years of experience as a senior medical professional in the pharmaceutical industry. When I was in the middle of my MBA program, I got an opportunity to change my role (within company) to work in a field related to clinical research and development of medicines with together with Digital health solutions. I have been able to apply learnings of the MBA program in my job and with context to both medicine and business, I am able to provide better strategic leadership to my teams. 

Catalyze Your Career Success 

By acquiring the business acumen to compliment his medical expertise, Pankaj has been able to excel in his new role at Novartis Pharma. If you’re looking to accelerate your career and are seeking the right course to help realize your ambitions without disrupting your career or moving countries, EU Business School’s Online MBA could be the perfect solution for you.  

The school has been awarded 4 stars for excellence in business education by QS stars while our Online MBA has been recognized as #1 worldwide by CEO Magazine. Our course combines the best of the in-classroom experience with the best of remote learning. On-Campus weeks each semester take place at our European campuses and offer a chance to meet and connect with peers and faculty, as well as to visit and learn from leading businesses, entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Our personalized and interactive approach to learning will enable you to fit your studies around your commitments whilst ensuring an engaging, collaborative and insightful experience.  

If you’d like to find out more about the school and our programs, get in touch with the helpful and knowledgeable team here at EU Business School. We’d love to help answer your questions, explain our processes and identify the best path for you to reach your career goals. 

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