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How to Stay Motivated During Coronavirus: A 4-Step Guide for Students and Applicants

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Coronavirus has impacted students just as much as any other group. Arguably, students are among the most impacted. 

If you’re currently an undergraduate, your time at university will set the stage for your whole future career. If you’re still applying to universities, or are set to start your course later this year, you’re probably feeling equally frustrated and uncertain. 

During these trying times, staying motivated can be difficult. And it’s easy to feel uninspired when you’re spending all day at home. But with a little bit of creativity and perseverance, you can still take full advantage of everything your undergraduate or postgraduate years have to offer.  

Let’s take a look at some practical and straightforward tips for staying engaged, productive, and motivated. 

1. Keep Searching and Applying for Degrees 

First of all, what should you do if you’re still applying for courses or awaiting confirmation of a place?  

Nobody knows exactly when the coronavirus crisis will end. And even when it does, there are likely to be after-ripples for many months and years to come. But things will eventually return to a semblance of normality. And optimistic estimates posit that lockdowns and social distancing measures will only need to be in place for months rather than years.  

Many education institutions are still processing applications in the expectation that courses will resume as normal. And most governments have put contingencies in place for awarding grades because exams can’t take place.  

The system is still running and not even the most pessimistic of predictions suggest that the crisis will go on forever. So don’t be put off. Continue to apply for places and make plans for the new academic year. 

2. Be Proactive About Getting to Grips With Online Teaching 

Universities are rolling out a host of digital initiatives to take the place of traditional face-to-face teaching. These include online lectures, video-conferencing tutorials, and virtual collaborative spaces to swap ideas and swap feedback. 

As a student, you will receive information about how online teaching programs will take place. But academic institutions aren’t always the most earnest adopters of new technology, and things do sometimes move slowly.  

That’s why it’s vital to be proactive about getting to grips with new online infrastructure, including lecture schedules, tutorial appointments, and any new software or tech that you might need. Pay special attention to new digital services that are on offer. You may not have access to them in the future.  

Now’s also the time to make sure all your equipment (like microphones, computers, internet routers, and so on) are all working properly. Oh, and don’t forget to download any relevant e-Learning apps like Moodle on your phone.  

3. Prioritize Face-to-Face Time With Lecturers and Fellow Students 

Face-to-face feedback from professors, tutorials with students, and collaborative projects are a big part of what makes college degrees so valuable from a learning perspective. Yet as social distancing and lockdown measures are implemented, meeting in-person is no longer possible. But video conferencing has helped to overcome this hurdle, making it easy for students, teachers, and university staff to interact effectively.  

If you’re going to stay motivated while working from home, it’s important to prioritize face-to-face time, even if certain meetings are only optional. Create a schedule that focuses on human interactions. It’s also essential to make time for fellow students that you’re collaborating with on academic projects.  

4. Take Full Advantage of Online Resources 

Students have access to a range of online resources, most of which remain under-utilized. From digital libraries for borrowing eBooks to institutional access to research journals, students have it pretty good. So why not start taking advantage of these tools? 

If your study environment is going to be digital for at least the immediate future, it’s a good idea to explore all the online resources at your disposal.  

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