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EU Sponsors Entrepreneurship Competition in Germany

EU Sponsors Entrepreneurship Competition in Germany
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The BISpreneurs Award, sponsored by EU Business School and organized by the Bavarian International School, allows students to present their business concepts to a panel of judges in the hopes of winning prizes, which help to support and realize their entrepreneurial venture. This year, the jury included our very own Dr. Begoña González Otero, academic dean of the EU Business School Munich campus.


The first-place winner this year was 15-year-old American, Clara Salih who came up with the idea of a mobile phone radar app, which detects dangers for pedestrians going about their daily lives. The idea came about after she herself collided with someone on the street while texting and later saw people in everyday contexts were totally unaware of their surroundings because they were either taking photos, texting or catching pokémon. Salih’s app functions like a car’s early warning system, using the phone’s vibration mechanism to warn the unaware or visually impaired of oncoming traffic and obstacles in their path.

Salih won special prizes to help turn her app into a reality. She will be able to work at the Makerspace, a high-tech workshop at the Technical University of Munich so she can perfect the telephone radar. Salih was also awarded  25 hours of instruction and coaching from EU Business School worth €2,250. This will include two courses, one in start ups and another in marketing and branding in addition to personal business coaching.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the competition, which has had a growing interest with students over the years. Once again, congratulations to Clara Salih! We look forward to seeing you at EU.

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