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EU’s 40th Anniversary Football Tournament in Munich

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EU’s 40th Anniversary Football Tournament in Munich
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Laveen Melwani, Internal Marketing and Community Manager at the EU Munich campus, takes us through the recent EU 40th Anniversary Football Tournament.

Football will always be the world’s favorite sport, and I have yet to meet a student who does not like to play the game. At university, football presents students with the chance to not only hone corporate skills but also to cultivate a confident and ambitious attitude.

After weeks of rigorous practice and training at the Munich campus, the EU 40th Anniversary Football Tournament took place on November 30, at the SoccaFive Arena in the city’s OlympiaPark. A total of eight teams, made up of students from the business foundation (BF), bachelor’s and master’s programs, competed for the trophy. The teams were divided in two groups; with every team playing against each other in a round robin stage and the top two teams from each group going through to the semifinals.


The MBA and Gigi’s teams finished in the top two positions in the toughly-contested Group A, and Shamil’s team and the BF team progressed from Group B. At this point, the competition began to heat up; in the first semifinal, Shamil’s team thrashed Gigi’s team 6-2 to move into the finals and the MBA team joined them with a 5-2 victory over the BF team.

The students were looking forward to the crowning moment of the semester: the finals of the tournament. The MBA team were victorious in a one-sided final, which they won 4-1, to lift the trophy, while Gigi’s team won the consolation prize of third place. Jose Enrique, a member of the MBA team, was the player of the tournament; he displayed amazing football skills that mesmerized both his opponents and the enthusiastic crowd of students who were watching the game.

All the students are now eagerly awaiting the start of next semester’s football season in February 2014 and the chance to take part in the next edition of the tournament.

See more photos of the tournament on the EU website.