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Online Student Experience | Andrea Monique Fisk

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EU Business School student Andrea Monique Fisk is originally from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, but lives in Seattle, Washington, in the USA. With a busy job as a Financial Analyst for U.S. National Bank, Wells Fargo, online learning gave Andrea access to the world-class business education she was seeking without having to uproot her life.  

Andrea is studying her MBA with a major in International Business at our online campus. She shared some insights into the EU student experience and some tips for students studying remotely.  

Why did you choose to study online?  

With my current job, I wanted to have the flexibility to have a world-class education without having to uproot my entire life to move to Europe.  

What advice and tips can you share with students about staying motivated? 

Interact as much as possible on the forums and in the WhatsApp group with other students because they have incredibly rich and varied perspectives on the topics being learned about, and this creates an strong sense of community and camaraderie that makes the classes even more interesting and relevant.  

What advice and tips can you share with students about keeping in touch with classmates and academic staff?  

Use the resources available – the students always form a WhatsApp group, and I get several messages each day relating to school and non-school related topics, and it makes me feel connected to the students in a very real way. I also never hesitate to reach out to my academic counselor on any school-related questions – they are happy to set up meetings and phone calls to ensure that you have the support and guidance that you need to be successful. They’re here for YOU – reach out and use them.  

What advice and tips can you share with students about studying effectively at home?  

I have a homemade weekly homework/school tracker that I update each week with whatever reading/exams/assignments/forum posts are due for each class. This allows me to check off the items when done and keeps me organized. With many classes each term, each with different expectations and formats, it’s so imperative to have a solid understanding of the expectations and due dates each week.

I know that some students can get very overwhelmed by the assignments and forum posts, and this can lead to feeling isolated and disconnected from the group. Staying on top of the assignments and doing as much as you can right after class or within a day keeps you feeling ahead of the curve and sets you up for success.  

Can you share a highlight from your experience so far studying online at EU?   

I love the level of informed and engaged interaction that I have with other students in the forums and in class. In most of my classes, I am the only one from my country (U.S.), so it is exciting and refreshing to learn about the perspectives on the current topic being discussed from my fellow classmates who come from everywhere else in the world. It is so easy to adopt a shared/similar view when all students are from the same place, but it’s the diversity of the students that makes the discussions and engagement so distinct and of high value.  

What advice would you give to someone who has just started studying online?  

Have fun, stay organized, and manage your time well! It’s one of those situations where it may seem easy at first, but then if you’re not diligent about deadlines, assignments and readings, it can suddenly snowball and feel overwhelming very quickly. Have a good system for identifying what’s due each week and create little reward systems for achieving certain tasks. It’s hard to be an online student but the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.  

What do you think is the best thing about doing a course online?   

Getting to meet so many different people from all over the world! Also, the flexibility to receive a world-class education while still fulfilling current work and personal objectives. Without this online option I would never have been able to take part and I would have missed out on the incredible professors, students and experience at EU. 

Start Your EU Experience Today  

Are you eager to experience a world-class education without moving countries, leaving your job or disrupting your family life? EU Business School’s online campus offers a solution that will enable you to flourish at work, home and in further education.   

Not only does our online campus offer flexible learning, but our experienced faculty, pragmatic approach to teaching and state-of-the-art remote learning technology will ensure your experience is second to none. Our easy to use online learning platform enables students to access live interactive webinars, group projects and business simulations, as well as real-time personalized tutoring from our faculty across the globe. With a student body of over 100 nationalities, students at our online campus can instantly access a global network to learn and collaborate with. There’s no better environment in which to prepare for a career in the dynamic and international world of business.  

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