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Online Student Experience | Yaseen Abdulrahiman

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Yaseen Abdulrahiman is an alumni of EU’s online campus. At the time of writing Yaseen was about to transition from a role as a Senior Consultant at msg Global Solutions, a German IT consulting and system integration company, to a new position at SAP Labs in India. Yaseen has been living until recently in Passau, Germany but has just relocated to Bengaluru in his native India, to take up his new role.  

Yaseen shared some advice with us for students who have moved to studying online or who are planning to start an online course.  

Why did you choose to study online?  

I was working as an Onsite Coordinator in Germany which required me to manage a team of consultants working in India. I chose to study my MBA online so that my work experience was not compromised while I gained knowledge in management to help with my career. I aspire to become a project manager. 

What advice and tips can you share with students about staying motivated?  

Get into a study routine as there is always a tendency to procrastinate when you are at home.   

Try different approaches to see what works best for you. I would relate the topics you cover in the course to what you have experienced at work, making it easy to learn and write on each topic.  

Organize your tasks by breaking them into manageable chunks. 

Make the most of your MBA program, it will bring out the best in you. While studying I was facing a tough time in my life as I was living far away from my family. However, I used this to my advantage to engage myself fully in the program; attending online webinars and completing assignments kept me positive. Now I am glad I was able to have such focus.  

What advice and tips can you share with students about keeping in touch with classmates and academic staff? 

In this digital age we are all connected no matter where we are. Keep in touch with classmates by creating Whatsapp groups, speak to them via skype, etc. For the course we were divided into small groups to work together on assignments and I had a Whatsapp group for each project. We scheduled meetings where we talked and showed our progress to teammates. I kept in touch with teachers by participating in the online webinars and by emailing them whenever I had a doubt or faced an issue. 

What advice and tips can you share with students about studying effectively at home? 

Currently, we are all facing a tough situation where we are supposed to stay at home.  However, we have the advantage of having plenty of time to spend on ourselves. I would suggest all students spend this time studying and working to become the leaders of the future.  

Can you share a highlight from your experience so far studying online at EU?  

Studying at EU was a very pleasant experience for me. I came to know a lot of interesting people and during the on-campus weeks, I was able meet and interact with them in person. Another highlight is that most of the online students are working professionals from all around the world which gives you great exposure and learning experience. 

What advice would you give to someone who has just started studying online?  

I would advise them to consider the course seriously, engage with the program and would assure them that it can change their life! 

What do you think is the best thing about doing a course online?   

The best thing is the flexibility that the program offers. I could do a full-time job and study a full-time MBA program at the same time! If you miss a class due to an important meeting, you don’t lose out on anything. You can always play the recording whenever you are free.  

Yaseen’s MBA changed his life. If you’d like to accelerate your career by studying a world-class program without having to leave your job or your home, then EU’s Online MBA is the program for you. Ranked #1 worldwide for six consecutive years by CEO Magazine, the combination of pragmatic and interactive online study with the on-campus weeks ensures an unforgettable experience that will propel you towards the future you desire.  

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