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Online Student Experience | Tushar Kanti Mathur

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Tushar Kanti Mathur is studying an MBA with a major in International Marketing at EU Business School’s online campus. Tushar is from Indore in India and is managing his remote studies alongside working full time at a project execution and management firm.  

We asked Tushar to share some tips from his time studying online with our students who have recently moved from on-campus to studying in virtual classrooms, and with anyone thinking about taking an online course. 

Read on for Tushar’s advice for making the most of the remote education experience. 

Why did you choose to study online?   

Studying online gives you a great opportunity manage your studies alongside your work. It also provides the convenience of studying at your own pace. All lectures remain available throughout the term which gives you the chance to revisit the topics and gain a more thorough understanding. In addition, online campus classrooms are interactive – you can communicate with lecturers and fellow attendees which gives you all the positives of being in a physical classroom, while being able to enjoy learning in your own comfortable environment.    

What advice and tips can you share with students about staying motivated? 

To keep motivated, students must participate in the discussion forums. This also helps with learning and understanding the topics each week – your questions will help other students and theirs will help you. It’s a mutually beneficial interaction. Plus, classmates can help explain the concepts you’re being taught by sharing their own real-life experiences. Interacting with classmates helps keep up motivation and prevents you from feeling isolated when studying remotely in a virtual environment. And, anyway, this is important because taking an MBA is not only about studying but also about building a network. 

What advice and tips can you share with students about keeping in touch with classmates and academic staff? 

I would say creating a WhatsApp group with your class members is the best thing to do. It gives you an opportunity to keep in touch with classmates from all over the globe. We have a WhatsApp group which helped to deepen our bond with each other, and now I feel like I have family in most countries around the world. Sometimes the going can get tough but being connected helped us to keep each other motivated.  

Also, EU Business School has very experienced lecturers and students can reach out to them with any queries through emails, and they always respond in a timely manner.  

What advice and tips can you share with students about studying effectively at home?   

Study in a place where you don’t have other distractions such as TV. It’s important that you create an environment which motivates you rather than pulling you away from your studies.  It’s always a good idea to paste some inspiring quotes, pictures of inspiring business personalities or a picture of something you desire to own in the room where you plan to study. Make sure that you have good internet connectivity that gives you a seamless quality for lectures and does not interrupt or break your learning when you are trying to understand an important concept. You can also keep your favorite snacks or drink nearby while enjoying lectures. 

Can you share a highlight from your experience so far studying online at EU?  

Studying online has helped me to connect with people from diverse nationalities and professional experience.  

I have learned a lot about the business culture in different countries which has equipped me well to work in a globalized business world. The lecturers themselves have a rich experience in their respective subject areas and come from all over the world, which adds to the academic strength of EU Business School.   

During my studies I have connected with people who are working in globally known FMCG companies, automobile industries, multinational banks, oil and gas industries, the medical profession, the aerospace industry and in fashion brands, advertising and PR companies, to name a few.  

What advice would you give to someone who has just started studying online?  

Develop a well distributed plan for your studies so that you can fully leverage the benefits of the flexibility of studying online. Be proactive so that you stay on top of the course you’re taking.  

What do you think is the best thing about doing a course online?  

Studying online provides flexibility in learning and you can attend lectures in your own comfortable surroundings. Being in a relaxed environment increases our ability to learn efficiently.  

Taking an online course has helped me to overcome the barriers to studying and has provided an international environment which I can experience at just the click of a button. And on a lighter note, it also makes it possible for you to attend lectures in your pajamas!

Considering an online course?  

If you’re still considering taking an online course and would like to know more, check out our online campus and the programs we have available.  

Our online campus uses cutting-edge technology to make the experience smooth and flexible, so you can fit your studies around your life. And our expertise at distance learning has been recognized – our Online MBA has been ranked #1 worldwide by CEO Magazine for six consecutive years and named #15 worldwide in QS Top online MBA rankings. Our programs bring together a diverse community of students from over 100 nationalities based all around the world, with a nearly 50-50 female-male split. 

If you are looking for a flexible, affordable, dynamic online learning experience that will prepare you for success in the fast-moving international business world, this is the campus for you.  

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Looking for more online study tips? 

And if you’re a current student who has just moved to studying in virtual classrooms, we have shared tips on our Instagram page from more of EU’s student community to help you study effectively at home. Take a look and let us know if you have any ideas to help your classmates. 

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