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PhotoBlink: Where Photographers and Models Meet

PhotoBlink: Where Photographers and Models Meet
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What started as an in-class exercise for Event Management students at EU Barcelona, has resulted in a full professional event. Students organized a photo shoot, bringing together models, photographers, make-up artists and hair stylists, who were able to benefit from creating a network of professional connections and relationships for future events. This is just one example of some of the amazing entrepreneurial projects in which our students organize during the school year.

EU students explain the importance of applying practical skills to real life situations.

We quickly took advantage of this opportunity to organize an event ourselves, from start to finish and have gained extensive professional experience in our field. We decided to develop an event which focused on the passions of the team: fashion.

The PhotoBlink photo shoot benefits all parties involved, giving access to and encouraging reliable industry connections to those trying to make it in the highly competitive field of fashion. We were lucky enough to rent the beautiful vintage-style house of Christina Giner in Masia de Sant Sepulcre, which fit all the needs of the project. The lovely exterior gardens, patio and terrace were perfect backdrops for photographers.

The most difficult step in the organization process was attracting sponsors and collaborators for the project, but we searched and communicated with many companies and in the end, we were successful. Our main supporters were EU Business School and our mentor, Carlota Casanova, Estrella Damm, Cacaolat, Fig Tree Ibiza, Thuya and Milagro Mexicano.

Looking back, we learned a lot about the entire event management and organization process as a whole and the important aspects of a successful event.

– Mariana del Valle Salinas