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Special Alumni Event in Brussels

Special Alumni Event in Brussels
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The EU Alumni Association continues to go from strength to strength and nowhere is this more evident than in one of our most active Alumni Chapters – Brussels. January 25 saw guests coming from around the world to the most recent alumni event, which was kicked off by EU President Dr. Dirk Craen and the President of the University of Dallas, Thomas W. Keefe.

Joining Keefe from Dallas was Elizabeth Murray, the university’s Director of Gift Planning. They did not come alone, but with an impressive number of University of Dallas alumni who mingled with EU alumni; blending both of EU Chapter Leader of the Year Award winner Xavier de Bergeyck’s alma mater in one place.

Events such as these are always nostalgic events, with ex-classmates reminiscing about their time studying as well as catching up on their current careers.

Esteemed guest and keynote speaker H.E. Johan Verbeke, Belgian Ambassador to the United States of America, led a talk on the topic of “A World in Flux”. The speech was extremely inspiring and helped guests to better understand the changing world powers; from a bi-polar world during the Cold War (US-Russia), to a multi-polar world (US-Europe-China, and to a lesser extent, Russia).

Verbeke’s American counterpart H.E. Denise Bauer, U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, was also a guest of honor. Bauer was joined by other delegates from the US Embassy in Brussels, such as Deputy Chief of Mission, Mark Storella.

The event was held in De Warande, one of the most exclusive private members clubs in the capital of Europe, right across from the Residence of the U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium; where above mentioned guests and guests of honor were invited by ambassador Bauer for a glass of champagne.