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Special Alumni Event in Madrid

Special Alumni Event in Madrid
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The EU Alumni Association continues to grow, holding many special events for its members. On Friday, May 6, the EU Alumni Association’s Spain chapter hosted an event at the Innside Hotel Génova in Madrid. While guests enjoyed some exquisite finger food, esteemed guest speaker and entrepreneur Jorge Carulla made an interesting presentation regarding how to avoid creating zombie workers. He explained that unmotivated workers, deemed zombie workers, can represent a significant financial loss for businesses, since there is a strong correlation between feeling content at work and levels of productivity. Therefore, organizations should promote practices which aim to increase employee satisfaction and happiness.

Jorge Carulla speaks to alumni and partners.

Carulla also explained that being able to craft an organizational context where employees work at their best is now a priority in gaining a successful competitive advantage. To conclude, he gave the attendees some tips on how to avoid becoming a zombie at their own workplace and advice for managers on how to avoid having zombie employees.

After the speech, and having had very interesting interludes, some of the alumni and corporate partners remained in the hotel to chatt, have a cocktail and get to know each other better. Alumni had a moment to recollect their time at EU and catch up on their current lives and careers.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming events, which will be posted on the Alumni Hub.