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What the Students Said: Leadership 3.0 Seminar with Geneva Chamber of Commerce (CCIG)

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One of our most anticipated events last year was the Leadership 3.0. EU students and alumni from all four campuses commuted to Geneva for the three-day extravaganza.

Here’s what our students had to say about it:

The quality of the speakers

I learned different and valuable things from every speaker, since every one of them came from a different background and operated in different industries.

Mahmoud Hammoud, Lebanon
BBA, EU Geneva

What left a very big impression was how Kurt Kupper, the new CEO of Reuge, transformed their marketing strategy to broaden their customer base and target group.

Lisa Woelfle, Germany
MBA in Human Resources Management, EU Munich



Leadership does not automatically happen when you reach the position. Good leadership requires deep human qualities, beyond conventional notions of authority. Taking the wrong decisions can be better than taking no decision at all. Waiting for things to sort themselves out seldom works.

Shalini Rajendra Uppin, India
MBA, EU Munich

Positive reinforcement is the single most important approach that we can use to get the most from our team. As a leader, when we provide positive reinforcement, we create people who care about the team and freely give added effort to achieving everyone’s goals.

Andrew Levin Raj, India
MBA, EU Munich

I only recently, and after attending this workshop and meeting and listening to great leaders, realized that it was the desire to have an impact that I love most about being a leader. In fact, the ability to make an impact is how I would define leadership.

Legha Ebrahimi
DBA, EU Geneva

Adolf Ogi talked about his characteristic upbringing and the sacrifices his father, a mountain guide had to make in order to pay for his education. His father had to lead 210 tours up the mountain just to pay for one year of Adolf Ogi’s education. He also credited him for teaching him the passion that led a small boy from the humble mountain village to dream big and one day, not only become president of Switzerland, but also to help bring peace to the world through sport.

Islem Lahami
MBA in International Management, EU Barcelona


Personality & leadership

I liked the personality test we did during the seminar. Based on the results, we were organized into groups for solving case studies and it was very interesting to see how people from different personality types cooperate, how they react and communicate, listen and evaluate each other. Good teamwork requires people from different personalities such as extroverts and introverts, people who use more thinking of feeling.

Aire Ventsel
MBA, EU Geneva

The most interesting and overwhelmingly influential aspect of the leadership seminar, for me, was the… Myers-Briggs personality test…. The test showed me my own personality type and… showed me how my decisions were taken and the factors that I considered the most in making my decisions, as well as the length of time it took me to make [them].

Joseph Mensah, Ghana
MBA in Finance, EU Geneva



On a personal level, I have already experienced some real benefits to being a part of this session, as it made me think hard about my career and the major that I had been offered in university…. I thought it was all the same; one field or the other. After the session on day 2, I realized the difference that it made to know your personality type and how relevant it was in making career and academic choices.”

Joseph Mensah, Ghana
MBA in Finance, EU Geneva

I could not forget the amazing speech form the chief of the police department of the Canton of Geneva, Monica Benfenti. As a woman, it was important for me to learn leadership from the woman’s side.

Elina Mollaeva, Russia
MBA in International Business, EU Barcelona

Each of us has unique skills and abilities to contribute to humanity. It can be difficult to realize what those skills are and how to use them well.

Sigmar Ingi Sigurdarson, Iceland
MBA in Sports Managemen,
EU Barcelona


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