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Moving to Geneva: Where to Live in Geneva

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Moving to Geneva: Where to Live in Geneva
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After you’ve finished with your visa and residence permits at EU Geneva  campus, its time to think about where you will be staying while you live in here. As an EU Business School Geneva student, a lot of your time in Switzerland will be occupied with classes, projects and papers, but there will still be plenty of free time during which to enjoy Geneva.

Geneva is very safe and there are a variety of options for those wanting to explore the nightlife, we encourage students to explore all the city has to offer.

Where to live in Geneva

Geneva is known for its location beside Lake Geneva (Lac Léman in French) and its scenic views of both the Swiss Alps and the Jura mountain range. The city has a population of almost 200,000 and is divided into eight quarters, or districts. Below are descriptions of a few neighborhoods in and around Geneva, where you could find yourself living when you begin your student life in Geneva.

A map of the different neighborhoods that make up Geneva.




An nice upscale area, not far from the main shopping district and close to the lake. Well connected by tram 12 and close to campus.

Area: Scenic
Slightly more expensive
Transport: Tram 12, multiple bus lines

A picture of Eaux-Vives, a popular neighborhood in Geneva, that demonstrates the beautiful views.


This area is more urban, industrial and popular with young people. There are lots of student hubs, bars and cafes, and the area is also home to the Geneva student housing.

Area: Socially active youth
Cheaper rent
Transport: Tram 12 and 15, multiple bus lines

A picture demonstrating the more whimsical side of Plainpalais, a neighborhood in Geneva.

Saint Jean/Charmilles

Area: Close to campus
Transport: TMultiple bus lines but not well connected by tram

A sunny picture of Saint-Jean, a neighborhood very close to the EU Business School Geneva campus.

Grottes/Saint Gervais

A bohemian neighborhood with interesting buildings, within walking distance from campus.

Area: Close to EU campus
Lots of bars
Transport: Tram 12, 14, 15, multiple bus lines

The church at Saint Gervais, looking resplendent in the sunshine. Saint Gervais is a popular area of Geneva.


Low rent and within close proximity to the lake, if you move to Pâquis we recommend living close to the lake.

Area: Close to the lake and noisy at night
Lake lined with many restaurants and bars
Transport: Multiple bus lines but not easily connected by tram

Residents of Geneva enjoying their time at the Bains des Paquis, in a popular district of Geneva.


Residential area, outside the city center. The area is very quiet and rent is high. Generally a family area with limited tram access.

Area: Near the old town making it family friendly
Shops: Luxury and upperclass items
Transport: Multiple bus lines but no convenient tram connection.

A picture of Champel, a neighbordhood in Geneva. Note the mountains hiding in the background!


This area is convenient for EU students, easy accessed by tram line 14 and not far from the train station.

Area: Convenient for EU students but no views
Shops: Cheap
Transport: Tram 14 and multiple bus lines


Within walking distance of EU and close to the city center. There are very good connections by tram or bus. The area is a hotspot for water sports and can be loud in the summer.

Area: Very close to campus but loud during summer
Shops: Not many
Transport: Tram 14 and multiple bus lines

The river and the lake meet at Jonction, a popular area in Geneva.


Carouge is not within the Geneva city limits, but is just 15 minutes from campus by bus or tram. An eclectic neighborhood with boutiques, art galleries and unique bars and restaurants.

Carouge in the snow. An artsy, bohemian part of Geneva.


Cologny is also in the outskirts and offers a quiet residential life with breathtaking views, rent is expensive. The area is not well connected by tram, but can be reached by bus.

A beautiful view from Cologny, a big area of Geneva.

Now that you have a better understanding of the geography of the city, check out the net article in this series and consider which type of accommodation you will be looking to secure while enjoying your student life in Geneva.