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Career Services EU Business School

Career Services Department

The CSD serves students, alumni and organizations by addressing individual development and employment needs. The CSD regularly holds career workshops and will be able to provide you with assistance in formulating, exploring and implementing your career options.

Find out more about the distinct services offered by the CSD below:

Job & Internship Support

EU's Career Services Department actively seeks to to identify and share suitable job or internship placements for our students.  EU students can also access exclusive offers on our free Career Center through their personal dashboard, which also serves as their profile for employers on the site.

Career Workshops

We encourage our students to work towards achieving their career aspirations. To help with the process, we organize coaching and development workshops that cover various topics integral to career development, like:

Job Search and Selection
A hands-on approach to applying, interviewing and negotiating for the job you really want.

Personal Branding
A how-to for creating, building and curating your professional online identity. A study by Adweek magazine showed that 92% of companies use social media for recruiting.

Optimize your CV and Cover Letter
Have several CVs that you can tailor to the position you are applying for.

Networking On and Offline
A guide to different networking techniques, best practices and topical trends like the the elevator pitch and the six rules to success.

Optimizing LinkedIn
A step-by-step explanation about how to create and improve your presence on this professional networking site site and how to make most of it for your professional career.

Finding a Mentor
The importance of having a mentor and how to find the right one for success.

EU Careers Fairs

The CSD organizes regular career fairs, which are exciting, dynamic and laden with opportunity, the most prominent being the annual EU Careers Fair in Barcelona. Here, companies are ready to uncover some of the best talent available, providing for a number of enriching professional opportunities. On a personal level, you are able to interact with 12 to 15 of the foremost international companies, while also enjoying the chance to discuss your CV, job prospects and skills, in short interviews with recruitment experts. Students across all campuses are invited to participate in our career fairs.

Counseling & Mentoring

Career development is a journey, our one-on-one assistance will help you reach your career goals. Our expert career advisors have years of experience and a strong network.

Ongoing Education

In the fast-paced business world of today, it's important to keep up-to-date with the most recent developments and best practices in your field. Our Online EBBA, Online MBA and Online Professional Development Programs give professionals the opportunity to conveniently bolster their existing knowledge-base with classes that cater to their busy schedules.

Alumni Networking

Throughout your career, networking will be the most effective method of progression. A substantial percentage of our graduates receive their first job offer through a personal contact they made.

At EU Business School, we know that networking plays a significant role in today’s job search process. Our on-campus conferences, partnerships and alumni events are designed to give our students and graduates an abundance of opportunities. At these events, they interact with other professionals, build strong business relationships and create meaningful and lasting contacts. The CSD is well connected to international businesses and boasts an alumni network of over 26,000 graduates from around the world. In addition to this, the online alumni platform EU Hub has over 7,000 registered members.

Career Facts

With the help of the CSD, our talented students go on to seize the opportunities that are available to them following their graduation from EU. Here are some EU alumni statistics:


months is the average time within which students find their first job after graduation


of our students use the knowledge gained in the classroom to create their own businesses


members are on the EU Alumni LinkedIn Group


of our alumni return to work in their own family businesses


or more events take place every year in over 15 countries



languages, on average, are spoken by our alumni

What We Offer

When you use our career services you receive guidance at each stage of your professional journey, whether it’s deciding what your next step is, changing your career or preparing for an interview.

EU Business School enjoys a solid reputation among recruiters and local companies. The caliber of our students and the efficiency of EU’s independent, dedicated EU Career Services Department (CSD) provides a distinct competitive edge in job interviews. The way you present and sell yourself is equally as important as your knowledge and experience, which must be presented effectively in your CV and during your job interview in order to be recognized.


"The career services department helped me from the very beginning. First working on my CV and then applying to companies. When I applied to Danone, they helped me through the entire interview process."

Christina Laskaridou, Bachelor of Business Administration


Christina Laskaridou, Bachelor of Business Administration


Some of Our Top Employers

Graduates from EU have gone on to work for the following companies:

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